The way you're wearing your handbag could be ruining your hair

We hadn't even considered this...

(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

We hadn't even considered this...

We're told day in and day out by beauty experts about the things we do that can be damaging our locks; be it the pillow cases we sleep on (silk is your friend, people), backcombing, heat styling or the nemisis that is bleach.

But there's one thing that could be ruining our hair that we hadn't even considered...

We've all been there (especially us longer haired ladies). You're minding your own business, with your handbag strap sitting on the groove of our shoulder, and one sharp movement later your scalp is being yanked.

A few strands of hair then float to the floor or can be found tangled in your leather bag strap, before you pass it off as one of life's unavoidable annoyances.

Well now, it might be time to take notice...

When blogger Lisa DeSantis wrote about her latest trip to the salon, her hairdresser was combing her hair when he asked, 'Do you wear your purse on the left side?'.

After confirming that she did, her stylist said: 'I can tell because your hair is thinner on that side.'

'I’ve seen it much worse, but there’s definitely a difference.'

It turns out that your handbag strap can weaken your hair follicles and cause them to break. But hey, we're all for a solution to the problem - should we just never carry handbags at all?!

Lets not be over dramatic now...

But the best thing to do is simply keep your hair up, or make sure your hair is pulled to the opposite side of your strap. It seems obvious, but it could save your hair.

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