MUST READ: Glossier just launched two new shades of a well loved product

Two new beauties for the collection. Gotta catch 'em all.

Hello my name is Katie and I am a Glossier-aholic. (Hi, Katie.)

I try desperately to fight it, but I keep getting pulled back in. The trouble is Glossier keep feeding my addiction. I go through periods of thinking that I’ve finally beat it and then they drop six eye shadows and a new mascara. And I’m back to square one.

And now, a mere five weeks since I applied my first coat of Lash Slick, they’ve brought out two new shades of Cloud Paint. And of course I want them both.

Dawn and Storm, the two new shades that launch today, take the Cloud Paint collection up to six.

Dawn is a ‘sunny coral, like you spent a restful weekend on a yacht.’ Coral was exacty what was missing – this colour looks stunning on darker skin tones. It will make your cheeks pop.

glossier new cloud paint

Storm is a ‘warm rose shade that leaves a flushed-from-the-cold look on cheeks.’ You know that look when you’ve been on a long hike in Autumn, and you come in from the cold, catch yourself in the mirror and think ‘Damn, I am looking really bloody healthy right now.’ Yeah, this is that in a tube.

glossier new cloud paint

I want both, of course I do, because if my name is Katie and I am a Glossier-aholic.

Are you?

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