Glossier Futuredew – the new serum that’s better than highlighter

Here’s why we’re obsessed with Futuredew...

Glossier Futuredew
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Here’s why we’re obsessed with Futuredew...

Confession: when I heard Glossier was launching Futuredew, a serum that promises to give you an all-day dewy sheen, I was immediately reminded of the time I wore Vaseline to get glossy lids. Everything was fine until the petroleum jelly started to melt into my eyes and I had the type of blurred vision I usually blame on one too many Pinot Grigios.

But far from being the type of product that only looks good on photoshoots, Futuredew flatters IRL and gets top marks for being straight-up easy to use.

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Glossier Futuredew

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What's the secret?

I road tested my top secret sample for 12 hours and even at 10pm my skin still had the same glow I’d normally get straight after applying serum – you know the one that looks sooo good but evaporates within minutes?

Futuredew's magic lies in the oil-in-serum formula. The oil basically acts like a transporter to get all the plant-based brightening ingredients in the serum straight into the skin. What you’re left with is the equivalent of a dry oil on the surface that dews up your skin just enough without looking like you’ve smeared lip gloss all over your face.

Think the same juicy shine as highlighter but with the added benefit of looking natural on every skin tone as it’s free from any shimmer or pigment.

How to use Glossier Futuredew

Futuredew is designed to be used as the last step in your skincare routine so I patted the recommended two drops all over my face after cleansing and applying my regular serum and moisturiser. My skin didn’t feel in the least bit greasy despite the formula being packed with nourishing jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose and rosehip oils.

Better still, Futuredew makes even the dullest complexion look instantly healthier and more radiant, whether used on its own with a bit of cream blusher or over foundation (disclaimer: we'd recommend wearing Futuredew for a night out as applying it on top of your daily sunscreen can dilute the SPF and make it less effective).

Meet your new Saturday night face – we’re sold.

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