Free With Our August Issue: These Gorgeous Limited-Edition Ciaté Nail Sets

Pick up our August issue (from 2nd July) and you'll get your hands on a Ciaté nail set which includes a limited-edition colour PLUS a top coat.

ciate nail set

Pick up our August issue (from 2nd July) and you'll get your hands on a Ciaté nail set which includes a limited-edition colour PLUS a top coat.

Meet the 80s Movie Collection from Ciaté, six new and limited-edition sets that you can’t buy in the shops…

Want to get your hands on one? All you have to do is pick up our August issue (available from 2nd July) and you’ll get your hands on this gorgeous gift for FREE.

Worth £10, your set will include a colour PLUS a top coat to keep your manicure in perfect condition.

The best bit? There are six colours to collect and each is named after an iconic 80s movie...

Introducing…Back To The Future

Who would have thought a film in which a son travels back in time and meet his future parents only to accidentally become his mother’s love interest would become one of most popular science fiction films ever?

Well it did and it’s Doc Brown’s time machine (pictured above) that inspired our silver shade.

For those of you who are little colour-shy when it comes to manicures it’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Introducing…Dirty Dancing

(Image credit: © Caters News Agency)

Our pale pink shade was inspired by possibly the Best.Move.Ever.

There’s no better way to spend a Friday night than watching Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze) throwing moves on the dance floor.

The lake scene pictured above is probably one of the most iconic moments from the movie, though we wouldn’t recommend trying it at home…


Our pale purple shade was inspired by the black comedy, Heathers starring Christian Slater and Winona Ryder.

Haven’t seen it? If you want a laugh and an excuse to paint your nails, you should definitely add this to your ‘To Watch’ list.

Introducing…Pretty In Pink

A cult classic with possibly the best soundtrack ever, the film Pretty in Pink inspired our peachy pink shade.

Off on a sun filled holiday and need to update your manicure? Then this is the colour for you.


Patrick Swayze stole our hearts again in the romantic fantasy film, Ghost, which also stars the gorgeous Demi Moore.

The iconic pottery scene featuring a topless Swayze *swoon* inspired our nude brown shade.

It’s not only chic but the perfect colour to rock from day to night – whatever your outfit.


(Image credit: Emily Hancox)

Jennifer Beals, a tuxedo with a twist and a whole lot of sweat – yes Flashdance is a must-see.

Keep an eye out for the scene pictured above; it’s the inspiration behind our hot orange shade.

Heading out to a festival? This neon polish will add some serious oomph to your outfit.

We hope you love these sets as much as we do! Plus, this way to get 25% off your next Ciaté purchase.

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