This is the easiest way to do a facial massage at home

You don't have to be an expert...

Facial massage is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles, boost lymphatic drainage and plump the skin. And that’s just a few of it’s well-known benefits. No wonder the technique has been popping up all over our Instagram feeds as the latest addition to a totally holistic beauty regimen. The best news of all? It only adds a couple of minutes to your morning ritual and you can teach yourself to do it at-home.

We’ve already heard it’s praises sung by beauty brands and facialists alike. Take FaceGym for example, their signature facial involves manual kneeding by the therapist, which is combined with their at-home beauty gadget FaceGym Pro that delivers a hit of electrical pulses designed to stimulate muscles. Celebrity facialist Nicola Joss also swears by the practice for lifting and sculpting and is well known for her intimate massage that even goes right inside the walls of your mouth to target the jaw line and droopy jowls.

If you’ve ever wondered how to do facial massage at-home and whether it really works, take a look at our tips and tricks video with Chinese supermodel Li Xiao Xing who was first discovered as part of a modelling competition aged just 21 and has since risen to international acclaim walking for some of the world’s biggest fashion houses.

Want to try it yourself at home? Then keep scrolling for our step-by-step guide to doing your own facial massage, and try these DIY spa products to take your relaxation to the next level.

How to do a facial massage step by step

Prepping the skin

Make sure you prep the skin by cleansing and removing all makeup. You want a clean base for your massage and to remove any build up of dead skin or toxins that have accumulated.

Apply a rich moisturiser or oil

Be generous with your product application as you need plenty of lubrication to massage effectively. Using an hydrating, invigorating moisturiser like Shiseido’s Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream, £59, which designed to wake up the skin is best for a morning massage.

Shiseido moisturising cream

Start at the top of the face

Using the padded tips of your fingers begin your massage at the top of your face. Use long sweeping motions to relax and elongate the muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Be gentle around the eyes

You always want to sweep hands from the centre of the face out and upwards to encourage the lifting of the muscles and to work against the force of gravity. Around the eyes the skin is 40% thinner and far more delicate so reduce your pressure in this area. Start your eye massage on either side of the nose and run fingers upwards towards the temples. This helps to keep skin looking fresh and reduces puffiness in the eye area.

Target the jaw line

Next focus on the jaw and the lower half of the face. You always want to start at the centre of the chin, drawing hands upwards towards the ears. Make a peace sign with both hands and bend fingers in half to create bunny ears. Use the pressure between your bent fingers to cradle the jaw and stimulate lax muscles to prevent drooping.

Apply temple pressure

Relieve pressure in the temples and forehead by circling your fingers over your temples three times and press pat the rest of your moisturiser into the skin for maximum hydration.

Extend your massage

To take your massage to the next level draw your opposite hand to your right ear and swoop across the neck, over the top of the chest to the opposite shoulder blade. This helps to open up the lymphatic system, which will help with drainage. Repeat on the other side by bringing your right hand to your left ear.

Team credits: Model Li Xiao Xing at Elite, Photography Jason Hetherington, Words and Styling Lisa Oxenham, Makeup by Gina Kane at Caren using Shiseido, Hair by David Wadlow at Premier, Nails by Glenis Baptiste at Carol Hayes Management, Videographer- Chris Scott, Edited by Andrea Moro, Robe by The White Company

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