We test out facials for a living—these are, without question, the best in London

We've tried them all

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Whether you're living and working in the city full time, or are need of a bit of downtime, the best facials in London are a must to have on your radar.

They're a great way to take things up a gear from your best face masks for more intensive results, so we've scoured the city from east to west to bring you the definitive guide to the top facialists and treatment options in the city.

For several weeks I've made it my life's mission to find the best facials in London, whether the end goal is clearer skin, a brighter and firmer complexion, or simply de-stressing the mind. But a girl only has one face and one skin type, so I enlisted the help of the most reliable guinea pigs I know – the MC digital team.

Getting monthly facials would be the dream, but in reality it's a treat you save up for. So consider these the ones worth stashing your pennies away for when it's time to treat yo-self. You deserve it.

Japanese Face Massage at Hiro Miyoshi at The Ritz London

Hiro Miyoshi Japanese Facial Massage The Ritz London Best facial in London

'It’s no secret that I love a facial. And, feel very lucky that I’ve been able to try some of the best facials in London. So, what makes a good facial? For me, I want relaxation yes, but it’s not my main priority. I want lift, on occasion I want extraction. I want to leave with glowing skin that is uplifted and smooth– and I want people to notice. So then, with such a long list, it’s no surprise that sometimes some facials, as relaxing as they can be, just don’t cut the mustard.'

'If your facial check list reads similar to mine then you have to book into Hiro Miyoshi at The Ritz London to try the 60 minute Japanese Face Massage. Hiro an award winning stylist and colourist opened the space in 2018 and is know for his Omontenashi philosophy - which simply put is bringing the spirit of Japanese hospitality – so the space offers some calm from the bustle of the capital.'

What to expect:

'60 minutes of facial massage and lymphatic drainage for instant uplift and more definition using Japanese face sculpting techniques. This non-invasive face sculpting technique means circulation is improved and the massage stimulates the layers of the skin to go into rejuvenation mode whilst encouraging firmness.'

'Starting with small but considered movements on my eyebrows then working her way across my face, my massage therapist concentrated on one side of my face. The difference in both sides of my face was instantly apparent. These techniques ACTUALLY work. And, if you’re smart you’ll do top ups at home every night.'

'Extend your index and middle finger bringing them down so that your knuckles form a V-shape. Using this V, knead and massage upwards along the jawline towards the ear, bring the V down the neck, over your collarbone and under the armpit where the lymph nodes drain out.'

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Skinwork Speedy Skinwork Treatment

Skinwork Clinic - best facials in london

'Skinwork is the dreamy, stress-banishing skin clinic that believes in the winning combination of results and relaxation. They have a concise treatment list that features everything you could possibly need for good, healthy skin, including galvanic current work - their signature.

'However, it is their new Speedy Skinwork Treatments that have got us excited. In just 25 minutes, they will find a solution to your skin's needs, with absolutely no downtime.

'I walked in with skin so congested, having been at a festival the previous week that my chin had started to resemble a small alpine mountain range. My therapist diagnosed my needs quickly, after an initial consultation and then looking closely at my complexion under a bright lamp. It was decided that what I needed was a mixture of facial massage, a spot of Microdermabrasion and vacuum suction, followed by a peel to help decongest my unhappy pores and finishing off with a LED light therapy to calm and stimulate collagen production.

'After just 25 minutes it was like I hadn't been at the festival at all. My days of removing my makeup with a face wipe, of not drinking enough water, of barely getting enough sleep were forgotten. Just like that.' - Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

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Dr Dennis Gross Own Your Own Glow Signature Alpha Beta Facial

best facials london dr dennis gross

'I am obsessed with Dr Dennis Gross Skincare - the Alpha Beta Daily Peel pads are insane, the Hyaluronic Marine collection plumps my skin beautifully, but nothing has changed my life more than the Alpha Beta Glow Pads. So imagine my joy when I found out that Dr Dennis Gross facials were finally coming to the UK, exclusively at the new Harrods Hair & Beauty Salon.

'As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in good hands; the client who'd had the treatment before me came out looking like she's had the best spray tan in London. It started, as most facials started, with a thorough cleanse of the face to rid you of the makeup, dirt, pollution, grime etc. This is followed by one of their famous peels, which acts much like their alpha beta peel pads, but a more suped-up version. It smoothes rough texture, minimises fine lines, pores and discolouration and reveals honestly one of the best glows I've ever seen. Afterwards they incorporate their FaceWare PRO - one of the best beauty gadgets that came out late last year - a full-face LED treatment with both red and blue lights to help with inflammation, acne and elasticity. An additional thumbs up from me, goes to the face that this is also the only facial where I have been offered an SPF as the last step, which is essential if you're having any type of peel or chemical exfoliation. It amazes me that more places don't offer this.

'When you're in need of a confidence boost, I cannot recommend this highly enough. I came out, with no make-up on, looking like I had just come back from a week on the beach.'– Katie Thomas - Senior Beauty Editor

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ESPA Optimal Skin Health Facial

best facials London ESPA Life Corinthia

(Image credit: © Richard Powers Photographer)

'The first thing you need to know about this seriously relaxing facial – and boy, is it a good one – is that included in the price is an an hour of chill in the ESPA Life at Corinthia facilities beforehand. That's steam room, sauna, chill, the works. I had to double check that my booking confirmation email wasn't too good to be true. As someone who really struggles to switch off, this alone makes it incredibly good value as you're already significantly calmed going in to the facial. I could just pack up and end the review there, but I won't.

'What comes next in one of the treatment pods is a thorough skin analysis under a UV lamp, then a delicous-smelling combination of triple cleanse, steaming and extraction (that you barely even notice because you are too zen), followed by a treatment mask. It's a facial, so there's facial massage and lymphatic drainage involved, but you're also treated a bit of massage on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, as well as exfoliation of the latter two.

You know when you remember having the facial, but you were so relaxed that you sort of don't at the same time, because you were off floating on a cloud somewhere? Yeah. That. I'm already experiencing ESPA Life withdrawal syndrome and I desperately need to go back for another fix.' – Lucy Abbersteen, Digital Beauty Writer

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iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

'A softly-softly relaxy facial is all well and good (sometimes, someone gently massaging your face into a sleep oblivion is exactly what you need) but when your skin can only be described as “meh” and your eyes are exhibiting lines that won’t disappear even when you’re devoid of emotion, you need a SERIOUS FACIAL.

'As I’m not ready to go down the surgical route, Dr Preema’s fusion treatments are exactly what my skin needs. Billed as the ultimate non-surgical “#noskinfilter” facial, the idea is that you work with your therapist (thanks Yvonne!) to customise your facial depending on your personal skin needs, layering treatments together with instantaneous results that require no downtime.

'Because I’m a demanding Veruca Salt when it comes to treatments, I wanted to lift, tighten, smooth, hydrate and brighten my skin, so was recommended the iS Clinical Fire & Ice radiance boosting peel and Intraceuticals signature Oxygen facial ultra hydration glow blend (where cooling, calming pressurised oxygen is distributed over your skin to target dry, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin) to rehydrate and add bounce to my distinctly lacking-in-buoyance-skin.

'Don’t be scared by the ‘peel’ aspect of the facial. It isn’t a PEEL peel. It’s a safe, mild variant using fruit enzymes, which effectively remove the top layer of the epidermis and create a “superficial trauma” to skin to reinvigorate your natural collagen production (it lasts less than 5 minutes) and help minimise lines, wrinkles and pores. I felt a hot, slight tingling sensation after the mask was applied, which is expected, but then my skin was quickly neutralised after the product was removed, before the Ice aspect commenced: effectively a rejuvenating hyaluronic-filled plumping mask.

'True to the “no downtime’ promise, my skin was soft, glowy and dare I say it, plumper-looking. I didn’t wear makeup for the rest of the day (that’s how little redness I experienced after the peel) and noticed the smoothing, hydrating effects of the facial continuing over the course of the week. It’s genius (well, Dr Preema and her team are)…' – Holly Rains - Editor

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Sisley Signature Facial

best facials London Sisley Claridges

(Image credit: Britta Jaschinski)

'I had always heard excellent things about Sisley Paris, so when an opportunity arose to try out their signature facial at Claridge's, I leapt at the chance. I’d recommend arriving a little early in order to make the most of the stunning changing room (it’s literally an Instagram gold mine) and to spend some time reclining with a coffee in your fluffy robe and plush slippers. But that was nothing compared to the 60 minutes of pure relaxation that followed. I’m generally quite an uptight person, but this treatment switched me off in seconds.

'Sisley is renowned for its scientific approach, using only the finest natural ingredients, and after deciding that my treatment should focus on hydration, my facialist went about choosing the right plant extracts and essential oils for my skin. Then came my signature facial, catered specifically to my skin and its needs. Lavender, rosemary, sage, geranium – you name an essential oil, it went on my skin in the form of gentle cleansers, serums and scrubs.

'The highlight was the nourishing mask – which was quite literally bandaged to my face – and while it sunk in, I was treated to a surprise foot massage. It was pure luxury and I left the spa considerably more relaxed, not to mention, my skin was GLOWING.

'For me, this kind of facial is ideal. It wasn’t hugely informative and it wasn’t a skin consultation; but that’s not why I went, nor is it what I personally look for in a facial. I don’t need someone to tell me about my skin, I just need to relax and feel pampered, something it offers in spades. If you want to know the ins and the outs of your complexion or try off the wall methods and violent extractions, this isn’t the treatment for you. But if like me, you want to lie on a warm bed and switch off for an hour as an expert facialist calms your senses and nourishes your skin with the most luxurious oils, look no further. Can I go and have another one now?' – Jenny Proudfoot, Junior Digital News Editor

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Omorovicza Illuminating Facial

best facials in London

'For the uninitiated, Omorovicza are skincare Dons. Conceived in Budapest, and harnessing the infamous ‘healing’ powers of Hungary’s thermal waters, Omorovicza’s products and facials (I’m looking at you Elemental Emulsion and your everlasting wait list…) have been a mainstay in my otherwise ever-evolving beauty routine. They look great, smell great, work great and never once have they made my unruly skin breakout.

'Tucked away in the heart of the Liberty store, the Omorovicza Treatment Rooms act like little slices of Budapest; they’re peaceful, dimly lit (no one wants a facial with a side order of fluorescent strip lighting) and smell incredible thanks to the unique blends that subtly flood the air.

'After an initial skin consultation (I wanted hydration and glow), I opted for the Illumination facial, which all sounded very Harry Potter so I was there for it. I was so thoroughly relaxed, that the many varied elements of the facial merged into one hour of facial bliss, but the signature element consists of a gentle copper peel (don’t be alarmed by the slight tingle, my skin showed no sign of redness after it finished) and an energising facial massage that I was convinced made my skin more buoyant. And of course, plentiful spritzes of the cult Queen of Hungary Mist in-between.

'After a quick hit of SPF for the journey home, the facial was over. My skin looked dewy, plumped and yes, GLOWY. With no sign of irritation or redness, this facial is a goer for pre-event skin boosting. Omorovicza, I bow down.' – Holly Rains, Editor

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Kate Kerr Advanced Brightening Facial

best facials London Kate Kerr

(Image credit: Niall Clutton)

'Facial legend Kate Kerr and her right-hand woman Michelle (who I met with) are based out of Mondrian London, overlooking the Thames. It should be noted from the get-go that this is a thorough skincare session, so if you are looking purely for relaxation there is much more to this facial than that. Michelle and I discussed my complexion in great depth, and then she got stuck in. After serious deep cleansing, she hand picked treatment masks to target my skin's congestion and brighten the overall tone. She then got down to business, really paying attention to every area of my face when it came to extraction, not just the nose and chin.

'The treatment rooms are very chic and minimal, and there's zen music playing for the whole duration of your treatment – not too tinny, not too over the top and not too 'pinky-plonky' – which I find really helps me to zone out while someone is sorting out my face. If you want your skin thoroughly analysed, complexion cleaned up to look healthier and brighter, and a bespoke skincare routine at the end of it to boot, this one is for you. You'll understand your skin so much more when you leave and I can't recommend Michelle enough, both as a facialist and to chat to!' – Lucy Abbersteen, Digital Beauty Writer

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Eve Lom Ultimate Cleanse Facial

best facials in London

'If blackheads are your biggest skin woe, this treatment is one of the big guns when it comes to giving skin a deep-clean. My now-husband's nose REALLY needed clearing before our wedding day, so he was the perfect candidate to put Eve Lom's Ultimate Cleanse to the test. It's pretty unique as the treatment involves applying hot paraffin wax onto the skin to heat the skin, which in turn really opens up your pores, so that the therapist can get all of the built-up gunk out. And they really, really layer the wax on. At first, it feels pretty peculiar, unlike anything you've ever experienced before, but the warmth from is calming and therepeutic. The wax is essentially painted on with a brush in rhythmic motions and it feels like pure heaven.

'Once your skin is ready (aka warmed to perfection) your pores are basically the most open they'll ever be, which means the therapist has easy access to all the nastiness. If you think about how much pressure you usually have to apply to remove blackheads, it's the opposite after the wax – next to no pressure is needed. To ensure the skin stays warm, the therapist rips the wax off bit by bit, only working on small areas at a time. It's called the ultimate cleanse and it's exactly that. If anyone needs a full on skin clean (and those men who don't do anything to their skin really do), this is IT.' – Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

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Decléor Anti-Pollution Facial

best facials in London Decleor

'As with all Decleor treatments, this facial started with a back diagnostic (bear with me). This involves the therapist looking at your back to reveal why your skin is behaving in a certain way, by gently stimulating pressure and reflex points. This revealed that I was stressed and hormonal, as my lower back was quite hot (I was in fact about to come on my period). I honestly found it fascinating as I believe the way to great skin is understanding how it behaves. This was followed by cleansing, a lymphatic drainage massage to remove toxins and pollution and replenish moisture. The rest is tailored to your skin concerns, and as mine was congested, I had a purifying mask and scrub to remove dead skin cells.

'My skin obviously felt amazing afterwards – glowing and smooth – but what I loved is that it’s an overall super relaxing experience. Whilst Decleor products are working hard tonight the damaging effects of pollution, the therapist massages everything from my face to my shoulders and limbs, really releasing tension. Because how can your face glow if the rest of your body is strained?' – Penny Goldstone, Digital Fashion Editor

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Elemis BIOTEC Radiance Renew Facial

best facials London Elemis

'After chatting with my ELEMIS therapist about my skin woes over a piping hot cup of tea, she sat me down in front of a machine that scanned and analysed my face to discover what my problem issues were. Once she had a better idea of what my skin needed, she then told me that the Biotec Radiance Renew Facial was the ideal one as it was designed to even out your skin tone, restore radiance and reduce dark circles (all things that were issues I flagged in our consultation). It included a facial massage, ultrasonic peeling technology – this electronic spatula that weirdly feels like they’re shaving your face, but miraculously does away with any dead skin – and their radiance activator packed with anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides that had me glowing for days afterwards. The entire session finished off with a cooling gel mask.

'Although it was of course super relaxing, I really loved that the main focus was on helping me get the best skin I could - both during the session and in the future once I’d left. It really felt like a mixture between a pampering session and a consultation with a skin expert, so it’s perfect for those who want to get serious and nail their skincare routine. Also the ultrasonic peeling was kind of intimidating at first (it hums like crazy and stings a little) but it did absolute wonders.

'I literally have never glowed like that in my life and I was coming off a pretty dark, hungover weekend. I really loved that they not only took my issues into consideration, my therapist really took the time to help me boost my at-home regimen – as I had relatively dry skin, she recommended I start oil cleansing and then gave me a small card at the end with a proposed skincare routine moving forwards. Just so great.' – Megan C. Hills, Digital Lifestyle Writer

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Sunday Riley Ice Lift Facial

best facials London Sunday Riley

(Image credit: Ash Knotek)

'There are three reasons why you should go and get a Sunday Riley facial at Hershesons salon. 1) Because you walk out with skin so happy, bouncy and glowy that it’s practically singing. 2) Because this is the only place in the world (yah huh) where you can get a Sunday Riley treatment. 3) Because of Iris.

'It’s not often that I tell people to go for a facial because of the therapist. Typically, my recommendations are results-based. Don’t get me wrong this facial gives good – no, GREAT – results, but I have to tell you that Iris had me at hello. She asked me about every product that I use, wanted to know the brand name, how often I use them and when. She does this because she wants to know what your skin is used to and what it can and can’t handle.

'The facial itself is part relaxation – the cleansing, the mask, the lymphatic facial massage, the hilarious chatter with Iris, and part punch - a combination of red light LED and cryotherapy. Don’t worry at all about the LED, which boosts collagen – you can’t feel a thing, and while that’s going on Iris is at the bottom of the giant bed relieving all of the tension from your toes.

'But the cryotherapy, the cryotherapy took my breath away. Not because it was painful, because it’s so damn cold and my body does this funny thing when it’s super cold – it’s like it's confused and forgets how to work. I’ve done cryotherapy chambers before and the same thing happened then, I couldn’t regulate my breath. I had to close my eyes and tell myself to breathe in and breathe out. But don’t panic, because Iris is there the whole time making you laugh and making you feel so comfortable.

'Once she’s finished blasting your face with sub–zero air, give your face a little touch, you won’t believe how cold it is. But that chilliness fights signs of inflammation, so it’s all good. Iris then applies your favourite Sunday Riley products and you’re good to go. When you sit up, you’ll notice the change. You’re a little pinker (in a good way) and a little tighter. And you’ll be smiling, because Iris is by your side.' – Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

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Su-Man's Signature Facial

best facials London Su-Man

'Su-Mans facial is legendary' – that’s the opening line on the about section of Su-Man's website. Punchy? Yes. Hyperbole? Absolutely not. In fact, it's impossible not to verge on hyperbole territory when talking about this facial. 'This was a life changing experience,' 'Su-Man has magical hands/is a wizard' – all words that have left my mouth after having this treatment.

'That’s it for me now. I keep thinking, ‘How will I ever go to a "normal" facial ever again?’ I’m truly done for. I now refer to time BS and AS (before Su-Man and after Su-Man). It’s 2018 AS, and I worship at the altar of Su-Man.

'Su-Man’s background is in Shiatsu, dance and pilates. So as you’d imagine, the facial is peppered with targeted massage and relaxation tailored to your individual needs. After my neck and shoulders were worked on – all the tension builds up to your neck and jawline – my ears were massaged to stimulate lymphatic drainage, using the most beautiful products. From the watermelon-based gel cleanser to the mask that made me crave chocolate cake, it was all divine.

'Su-Man gives you a mirror to marvel at the results yourself. It’s like time stops still. And, if you’re anything like me and hate looking in the mirror, you’ll take the mirror with reservation. But anyway, there you sit, mirror in hand and you really look at yourself. Like, REALLY look at yourself. Part of the Su-Man philosophy is not only looking good but FEELING good. Maybe it was her super calming and caring nature rubbing off on me, or maybe it was because she told me my skin is great, but looking in the mirror I think, okay, I look alright. Actually, scratch that, I look good.

'On the day of my great awakening, I did a double take after walking past my bathroom mirror. Hang on, does my jaw look more defined? I stroke my jawline to make sure it’s real.

'Later I’m sitting at the dinner table and my hand grazes my chin. 'What has she done to my face?', I think to myself. 'Maybe she IS a wizard?'

'Can a facial be a life changing experience? I think so…' – Sunil Makan, Associate Editor

How much is it?

£250 at Agua Spa, Sanderson London; call 020 7300 1414 to book now

Mortar & Milk Consultation With Bespoke Skin Treatment 

Mortar and Milk

Mortar and Milk in Fulham
(Image credit: Mortar and Milk)

'The quiet Fulham Road location is where the magic happens when it’s comes to Mortar & Milk. The retail store full of carefully selected high street brands, with treatment rooms has the kind of chilled out vibe that you want to stay and hang out all day. That’s all down to husband and wife duo Pamela and Nick, the brains behind Mortar & Milk.

'If you’re looking for a gigantic spa with pool and robe to change into you’re in the wrong place but if leaving with brighter bouncy clearer skin and a greater understanding of whats really up with your skin then you’re in for a treat. Pam is the Queen of skin, what she doesn't know isn't worth knowing, especially if you suffer from acne. This would most definitely be Pam's Mastermind specialist subject FYI. As a Clinical Aesthetician, for those of you who don’t know let me break it down, currently the highest level of training you can get in this country when it comes to skincare. Its not so much beauty therapy but more focused on the science of skin. Err yes please.

'Not for the faint hearted the consultation starts with a lifestyle analysis covering how often you wash your bed sheets to how regular your bowel movements are, yes really! But it’s this attention to detail that matters and tailors the facial to your specific needs. Pamela believes gut health is the key to happy skin and after spending time with her, we couldn't agree more! Don't be surprised if you start making notes on your phone as I did when she talks you through where your going wrong with your skincare routine.

'After the chat expect in-depth 2D photos with a specialised camera showing everything from how dehydrated your skin is, too whats really going on in the deeper layers of your skin, hello pigmentation. Followed by the most enlightening chat on molecular weight ingredients, it will blow. your. mind. believe me.

'The treatment is relaxing yes but it’s the type of facial that’s really getting down and dirty, extractions, acids and masks a plenty . Which let’s be honest is what we want, I can slap some cream on my face myself thank you very much but the way a expert handles your skin and break outs is quite different. Pam talks you through each stage in the most kind, calm way that makes you feel instantly at ease.

'You’ll come away with a bespoke but simple skin care routine that’s never pushed on you and happy skin. Oh and an addiction to the popular Excuviance Bio Tonic pads stocked upstairs in the store. This is like a facial like no other and I’ve had more than my fair share, let me tell you. Yes the experience is on the expensive side but it’s a completely bespoke treatment that are results driven. The real downside is you won’t be able to do a standard facial ever again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.' - Lucia Debieux - Fashion Editor 

How much is it?

From £275 with Senior Therapist and £350 with Pamela call 020 7731 3415 to book

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Whichever one you choose, you're in for a treat.

We promise.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

The Dr Rita Rakus clinic is an award-winning and non-surgical practice in Knightsbridge, just opposite iconic Harrods. So from the get go, I knew walking through the doors, I was in for a very special kind of facial treatment. The clinic specialises in anti-ageing and wellness facial rejuvenation, all of which I was desperate to try. I do look after my skin, cleanse daily and always wear SPF, but sometimes you just need a helping hand to boost your complexion back to it's best.

As we age our skin can look dull and tired due to the reduction of platelets (blood cells) in the blood.... I had not heard of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) before but felt in safe hands of Mr Kambiz Golchin, an ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon. First of all, a little of my blood was taken and processed in a sterile system that gave these platelets enriched plasma. A thick cooling cream was massaged over my skin and this blood concoction was then injected back into my face- I am talking tiny needles here! These super charged platelets are packed with proteins to help heal and rejuvenate the skin, while improving tone, texture and tissue grow. Basically, giving my skin a reboot.

This sounds intense yet the atmosphere at the clinic somehow made it relaxing, calming and I felt myself drifting off while the treatment did it's job. PRP is so popular as it is natural and safe, you are using your body’s own cells so there is no chance for a bad reaction- genius.

I had this in conjunction with the clinic's well-loved Hydrofacial, a non-laser skin resurfacing treatment that uses cleansing and exfoliation techniques to dislodge and remove dead skin build up. Their spiral tip applicator was used all over my face to push silky serums deeper into my skin. This all helped to work on my fine lines and the patches of pigmentation I have on my cheeks.

I left the clinic makeup free and took myself for a quick browse around Harrods to show off my newly glowing and re-pumped skin. Think of this combo as the ultimate skincare top-up treat for any facial buff out there who really wants to see dramatic results. I am seriously impressed.'- Ana Ospina Art Editor

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The best facials for men

Thai Lotus Defence Facial at Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa

(Image credit: © Ideal Insight)

You’ve got to try the Thai Lotus Defence Facial where traditions and techniques of Thai massage are teamed with luxurious products to bring brightness and vitality to the skin. Thai Lotus, an essential part of Eastern culture, is used to help hydrate and protect from pollution leaving it feeling youthful, healthy and glowing - and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Set beneath a London street just off Trafalgar Square is a luxurious grotto-like spa offering some of the very best treatments London has to offer. Influenced by tried-and-tested Thai, Roman and Turkish techniques it’s the perfect mini-hideaway when you need to feel relaxed and restored.

Be sure to get there early to spend a short time in the stone-lined, candlelit relaxation area. Just ten minutes listening to meditative music with a cup of herbal tea was all the adjustment needed to have us prepped and ready with the hustle and bustle above now a world away.

The spa also offers a wide range of treatments from simple mani-pedi’s to full body and hair treatments to Himalayan salt house therapy - excellent for respiratory conditions like asthma and sinusitis.

How much is it?

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