This girl did her whole face of make-up using only highlighter

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  • And the results are surprisingly hypnotic...

    Highlighting has been a beauty buzzword for a while now, so it was a only a matter of time until someone decided to take it to the next step. And who is that someone? Mariya Lyubashevskaya, an 18 year-old self-taught make-up artist from Dubai.

    Erstwhile Queen of the contour, Kim Kardashian, might have announced her dedication to ‘nontouring’ this week, but Mariya was having none of it, and you can’t fault her logic. If a little bit of highlighter above the cheekbones makes your face look great, surely a whole lot of highlighter would make it look even better? Mariya decided to put the theory to the test using a host of high intensity highlighting products (we’ve picked our favourite highlighters should you want something a little less WHOA)…

    You can check up the rest of Mariya’s tutorials (which are a bit less glowy) on her Instagram,

    The look was achieved by layering high pigment setting powder over a highlight base, and then contouring with foundation. If that sounds like a lot of highlighting for once face, then keep in mind that Mariya only rocked the look for a bit of a beauty experiment, writing under the video, ‘Lmao what you guys think about my highlight & contour routine using ALL highlighters ? I’ve honestly been dying to see what it’d look like, now I know and it’s kinda pretty cool’.

    While it’s probably not the kind of tutorial you’ll want to copy for drinks at the pub, we’ve got to say, there’s something incredibly hypnotic about Mariya’s glowing face. We’re thinking it could be a strong option next time you’re feeling dull of face, or you know, maybe save it for Halloween. Or, as Mariya herself put it, ‘I did this look for fun, it is definitely not wearable make-up. Unless of course you want to, in which case go ahead girl and slay girl SLAYYY.’ Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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