10 celebrity male hairstyles that we can never forgive

We can't un-see them

There’s been a few celebrity male ‘dos over the years that make us all collectively whine: Whyyyy’d you go and do that?

From Justin Timberlake’s Supernoodle-style ringlets, to David Beckham’s cornrows and Brad Pitt’s… We don’t even know how to describe whatever that is. 
Were they midlife-crises? Ill-informed styling cues? Or just products of their era? (We’re looking at you, 90s).
Here we chart the worst male celebrity hairstyles that we can’t be forgiving in a hurry…

David Beckham

Becks has rocked more hairstyles over his time that we care to remember and we think he’ll be the first to admit he’s had some shockers. Beating them all though (even his spiky bleached look and Mohawk), were his cornrows. 
Go to the naughty corner, Becks.
Justin Timberlake 
Look, we get it. It was *in* back in the 90s. But there’s just no excuse for Justin Timberlake’s god awful bleached perm. They look like cooked noodles.
Like a twisted Simon Cowell, we don’t dislike them, we *LOATHE* them. 
Robert Pattinson
R-Pattz, were you actively trying to repel women when you decided to wear your hair like this to the 7th Annual Go Go Gala?
Go and think about what you’ve done. 
Brad Pitt

Are you trying to hurt us, Brad Pitt? Like some sort of red carpet yeti, you just went and broke our hearts.
Bradley Cooper

Ok, so this was for a role (American Hustle), but we’re all aware that Bradley Cooper wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of his perm after filming had finished. We’re glad you’ve gone back to being hot, Bradley.
George Clooney

Once upon a time, George Clooney rocked this mullet-type ‘do. We’re glad he decided to chop it off.

Jude Law

We’re glad Jude Law ditched this overly-gelled look. What IS that mini-fringe thing?

Jude, Jude, Jude… *disappointed slow head shakes*

Joel Madden

Nicole Richie’s husband Joel Madden has often attempted to live up to his rocker profession with his hair. This particular pink bottom-black top look is one of the most questionable.

Josh Duhamel

Fergie’s husband John Madden is hot, there’s no doubt about it (here’s some other hot celebrity men, in case you’re interested). But when he decided to shave the sides of his hair in favour for this sloppy uneven Mohawk, he clearly decided to take a day off.

We’ll take this as a slip, Joel. Learn from this.

Patrick Demspsey

Patrick Dempsey is known for his suave style, and as for his hair these days, he’s a bit of a silver fox. But once upon a time, Pat wore his hair in super tight curls with weird bleached strands.


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