Everything you need to know about Marie Claire’s cover star Marloes Horst

The Marie Claire cover star opens up on her favourite extravagances, top make-up buys and, um, what last made her cry...

May Issue Cover T
May Issue Cover T

The Marie Claire cover star opens up on her favourite extravagances, top make-up buys and, um, what last made her cry...

The beauty desk get a little giddy around the exceedingly beautiful. Giddy and nosy. Very, very nosy. We want to know what they cleanse with, which products they simply couldn't survive without and who tends to their skin. During an afternoon with Dutch Maybelline model and Marie Claire May cover star Marloes Horst, we asked her those questions and many more...

MC: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as a woman? MH: To learn to have patience. I work with new people every day and have to be calm and collected for myself and so that I get the job done properly.

MC:What’s your secret skill? MH: Ask my boyfriend! In seriousness, I've discovered I'm quite a good drawer.

MC: If you had to choose one, would you go for make-up or skincare? MH: Make-up every time.

MC: What is your go-to lipstick? MH: Maybelline Ravishing Rose. It's the perfect shade for me.

MC: What one tip do you wish you’d heard earlier? MH: To clean skin twice a day.

MC: How often do you have a facial and who do you go to see? MH: I go rarely - around once every two months - and I don't go anywhere in particular!

MC: What does your skincare routine consist of? MH: I cleanse with a Fresh cleanser and then use a Chanel toner. I always finish by moisturising with a Dr. Hauschka cream and like to give my skin a good scrub in the evening.

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MC: Other than your phone and wallet, what wouldn’t you leave the house without? MH: Mascara.

MC: What’s the last thing that made you cry? MH: Don't laugh: it was a YouTube video about a baby elephant stuck in a hole (he got out in the end!).

MC: How do you relax? MH: I walk the dogs or go for a hike.

MC: If not Marloes Horst who would you choose to be? MH: My mum.

MC: Are you a skier or sunbather? MH: Sunbather.

MC: What’s your favourite drink? MH: Water and green tea. And red wine!

MC: What’s your main indulgence? MH: Checking instagram way too much.

MC: What do you spend too much money on? MH: Groceries for sure. It's so easy to spend too much on them in LA where everything's organic and fresh.

MC: Would you rather be unlucky in love or unlucky in career? MH: Career.

MC: What’s your idea of hell? MH: Being stuck outside on cold, wintery days without enough clothes.

MC: Name a song that makes you feel happy. MH: New York, New York; it makes me think of my dog Frankie who's named after Frank Sinatra.

MC: What one thing would you change about the world? MH: I'd make everyone able to fly.

MC: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? MH: I'm always that model who has to stand on a box when I'm shooting with Jourdan and that crowd so I'd like to be a bit taller!

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Beauty-essentials aside, here's everything you need to know about the May 2016 cover star: 

- The Dutch beauty dated Magic Mike actor and former fiancé of Riley Keough, Alex Pettyfer – who has been linked to Dianna Agron, Emma Roberts and Demi Moore. Sadly their two-year romance ended earlier this year. 

- Marloes made her debut on the Prada catwalk in 2008 and has since gone onto model in the iconic Pirelli calendar as well as a highly sought after role as a Sports Illustrated swimwear model.

- Not only is she the face of the Marie Claire May issue, she’s also the face of Maybelline.

- Marloes has starred in the kinds of campaigns other models only dream of. Think Joie, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, and DKNY as well as Hilfiger Denim, Stella McCartney and Victoria’s Secret. Impressive. 

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