L'Oréal's beauty emojis are here and they're fabulous

They're just as exciting as getting a new lipstick

Emojis normal
Emojis normal
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They're just as exciting as getting a new lipstick

If you can think of it, there’s an emoji for it, but somehow people keep coming up with more—and we’re not complaining! While the original emoji keyboard is adding 72 new emojis, and Kimojis are still going strong, L’Oréal have come out with a whole new line of their own: Beaumojis. Yep, beauty emojis.

We didn’t realize just how necessary Beaumojis were for our everyday conversations until we saw just how cool these are. The characters include things like the nail polish emoji with multiple colors, a lipstick-swatching emoji, and emojis for specific products, like Baby Lips and NYX, according to Teen Vogue. It’s like the sassy female emoji times one thousand.


The keyboard is divided into several categories, because L’Oreal knows just how involved the world of beauty can be. The 'It Girl' category includes current beauty trends, the 'Pampered Life' category is filled with characters wearing face masks and doing their hair, and 'Iconic' is filled with basically every product we have in our makeup bags, or that we’ve been lusting over for years.

Beaumojis will definitely make it a whole lot easier to ask your friends if you can borrow some of their makeup... or explain to them exactly why you’re not going out tonight. The keyboard is available now on the app store.

The emojis are *free* - so, what are you waiting for?

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