Margaret Thatcher's Funeral: In Pictures

The funeral of late PM took place in St Paul's Cathedral today

thatcher funeral
thatcher funeral
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The funeral of late PM took place in St Paul's Cathedral today

Margaret Thatcher's funeral took place earlier today at London's St Paul's Cathedral.

Baroness Thatcher, who died last week from a stroke in her suite at the Ritz at age 87, was Britain's longest serving Prime Minister in modern history, in power for three terms from 1979-90.

She was granted a ceremonial funeral, with full military honours, attended by dignitaries such as the Queen, Prime Minister David Cameron, who did a reading from the King James Bible, Chancellor George Osborne, who was seen shedding a tear, and former Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Sir John Major and Gordon Brown.

Baroness Thatcher's coffin was carried through the streets of central London from Parliament to the service, which were lined by thousands of mourners from the general public as well as members of the army, navy and RAF.

The coffin was draped with a Union Jack flag topped with white flowers and a note from her son Mark Thatcher, which read 'beloved mother, always in our hearts.' It lay in a gun carriage drawn by six black horses.

At the service her 19-year-old granddaughter, Amanda Thatcher, joined Prime Minister Cameron by also reading from the King James Bible.

The service was presided over by the Bishop of London, The Right Reverend Richard Chartres. He said: 'After the storm of a life led in the heat of political controversy, there is a great calm.

'The storm of conflicting opinions centres on the Mrs Thatcher who became a symbolic figure - even an ism. Today the remains of the real Margaret Hilda Thatcher are here at her funeral service.

'Lying here, she is one of us, subject to the common destiny of all human beings.'

The service ended with a blesssing from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The coffin will be taken to the Royal Hospital Chelsea before a private cremation at Mortlake Crematorium.

There was a heavy police presence on the streets, with over four thousand police officers on duty. Baroness Thatcher was a divisive public figure, and there were protests and 'death parties' following her passing. Today some protestors brandished signs as well as turning their back on the coffin as it passed, but there were less protests than anticipated.

Baroness Thatcher is survived by her children Mark and Carol Thatcher.

Did you go to Central London to see the procession? Let us know in the comments below.


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