How to pack a suitcase: 15 hacks you need to know for your holidays

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    Don’t bother splashing out on hold luggage this summer. Instead, save your money for your actual holiday with these helpful hacks on how to pack that carry-on case like a pro.

    1. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to fit more in. Trust us, it works…

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    2. Put dryer sheets in between items of clothing to keep them smelling fresh

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    3. Stuff shoes with socks to save on space. Roll the socks up and then wrap one end around the other to keep pairs together.

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    4. Complimentary shower caps from hotel bathrooms make great covers for the bottom of your shoes to stop your clothes from getting dirty.

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    5. Pack jackets and blazers inside out to avoid wrinkles

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    6. Stop cosmetics from leaking by putting cling film over the neck of bottles before securing the lid.

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    7. Old sunglass cases make great storage for chargers and earphones.

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    8. Pack with bubble wrap to protect your clothes and ensure you have the space and means to bring home souvenirs that you’ll inevitably buy.

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    9. Put a cotton pad in your compact to stop the powder from breaking


    10. Thread necklaces through straws to stop them from getting tangled while you travel.

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    11. Old tic-tac cases are the perfect size for storing bobby pins

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    12. Use a belt to keep shirt collars stiff and crisp while you travel

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    13. Leftover contact cases can hold small amounts of liquid make-up, such as foundation, for weekends away.

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    14. Keep small bits of jewellery, such as studs and rings, safe in old pill cases.


    15. Pack clothes in the plastic dry cleaning bags to stop them wrinkling. Simply lie them flat and fold to prevent creases from setting in.

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    Sound a bit too complicated? Here’s a helpful video to show you exactly how it’s done. You’re welcome. 

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