Tanya Burr shares her top 6 resources for educating yourself - and growing - this IWD

The theme of this International Women's Day is Choose to Change - let Tanya help you become a change-maker with her top resources.

Tanya Burr's IWD resources
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The theme of this International Women's Day is Choose to Change - let Tanya help you become a change-maker with her top resources.

This International Women's Day, we've collaborated with some of our favourite activists to bring you educational and informative content that will serve you for this week and beyond. Like? Influencer and UN Refugee Agency supporter Tanya Burr's top six resources for educating yourself, if you're not sure how to support women internationally in your day-to-day.

We all want to celebrate International Women's Day women’s day, but if you’re unsure how to, or can’t get together with your friends to mark the occasion, then one of the best ways to do so is to educate yourself.

Of course, we should be celebrating women every day, but this important day is a seriously useful reminder to look not only at how far women have come, but at what we still have left to conquer and challenge.

Educational resources don’t always need to be so obviously educational, in my opinion. If something stops and makes you think or tests you, it's an education in itself. Sometimes the smallest ideas and learnings can open the most interesting discussions or have invaluable takeaways.

The list below are some of the ways I have enjoyed, celebrated and been inspired by women in recent weeks - enjoy.

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Tanya Burr's top 6 educational resources

1. Listen to a podcast: Not Perfect podcast

My friend Poppy has hosted this podcast for a while now, and it's brilliant. There are so many episodes featuring really inspiring women as the guests.

The podcast focuses on the human condition and how best to thrive spiritually, mentally, and physically. I love the mix of science and spiritual - I feel like I'm constantly finding out handy tricks and tools for living a more fulfilled life.

In particular, I have enjoyed listening to doctor Ramani, a best-selling author and clinical psychologist. I’ve found her perspective on life both useful and empowering. I also adored Poppy’s episode interviewing Ruth Nahmias, a leading astrologist. If you’re into that kind of thing, she sparks some delightful and witty conversation about our star signs, with a strong female focus.

Listen to Poppy's Not Perfect podcast now

2. Follow: Kerry Washington

I love following Kerry on Instagram because she shares a real mixture of her work as an actress, useful information about causes and her activism and she also shares personal posts too, but often in an educational light.

Also, the character she plays in Scandal, Olivia Pope, is always inspiring me. Whether it’s to fight for what I believe in or just drink a glass of red wine, she’s the epitome of an independent woman living life as she wants to.

You see her go through so much and her determination and courage reminds me to find my own strength.

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3. Read: The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

I recently read this book and loved it. I'm a huge fiction fan - I love gaining perspective of how others view the world or live their lives.

Two of the characters in this book - a mother and daughter - don’t live life according to others’ expectation of them, which I find inspiring in itself. As the reader, you're invited to judge this against your own moral viewpoint in a questioning and explorative way.

Patchett chose to put the daughter on the cover of the book directly gazing at the reader. I read it was a purposeful and intentional move, as she hadn't seen this done in literature previously. Woman faces are often turned away or covered, and she wanted to change this.


The Dutch House by Ann Patchett, Amazon, £7.37

4. Blast: Some - any - music! 

Nothing boosts my spirits more than a dance around the kitchen. Movement and music can be so empowering and really change your mood. These are some of my favourite songs at the moment that really embody girl power.

- Good As Hell by Lizzo - You Should See Me In A Crown by Billie Eilish - Respect and Think by Aretha Franklin

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite.

5. Revamp: your home interiors

Not the first thing you'd think of when you think of educating yourself, but I’ve been doing lots of interior work recently and it's taught me so much about home renovation and how much I can do myself if I put my mind to it.

I haven’t made huge changes, but I've tried to brightened up spaces with products from female-run businesses, like print shop Juniqe. I love that they are a female founded company with a great sustainable message, too, they have a variety of beautiful prints to change the feel of your home or to give as great gifts.

Also in general, there are so many amazing interior discoveries I’ve found via Instagram, fronted by talented and driven women, many of which are just starting out. Purchasing something from them is a great way to support their businesses and their goals.

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6: Lean on: your support network

Lastly, it wouldn't a round up of my most valuable International Women’s Day resources without me mentioning one of my biggest sources of inspiration, my sister.

I value her wisdom and chats every single day. I chose to include her on my list to remind everyone that one of your biggest sources of education and empowerment can be right in front of you - the women in your life.

I hope you might have discovered something new from my list, and I’d absolutely love to hear some of your resources too, so I can continue my education and inspiration. It's a journey. Reach out on Instagram @tanyaburr - I'd love to know which women have inspired you.

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