‘Never present your boss with a problem you don’t already have a solution for’

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  • With more than 10 years experience in journalism, Marie Claire’s features director, Andrea Thompson, has worked across the board for titles including The Daily Mail and Grazia

    Every week a businesswoman or professional from Marie Claire’s Inspire & Mentor campaign posts their favourite piece of career advice. Here, Marie Claire’s features director and 2011 Mentor, Andrea Thompson, shares her top tip for being a successful journalist.

    ‘One of the best lessons I learned was during my time reporting overseas for a national newspaper.
    ‘I often found myself in unfamiliar surroundings with people who didn’t speak the language trying to find specific stories for a precise brief to a very tight deadline.
    ‘What I discovered was this. Bosses hate it when you say, ‘This isn’t working’. Use your instincts and experience to make it work.
    ‘Only after you’ve exhausted every line of enquiry, made every call you can and found several alternative solutions, should you go back and say, ‘Ok, I’ve tried absolutely everything to make this work and I can’t, but how about this…’
    ‘Even if they don’t go with it, a fair boss will appreciate your extra leg work and initiative.’

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