This is how to double your work holiday allowance in 2020


Summer is pretty much over (sorry) and whether you like it or not, Christmas is on its way. That’s right – it’s time to pre-order your favourite beauty advent calendars and crack open the Ferrero Rocher.

You’re probably already Googling winter getaways, but before January rolls round in a few short months you’ll need to work out how to maximise your annual leave in 2020.

Most people are entitled to around 28 days holiday a year – but if that’s not enough time for those who love to jet off on lengthy holidays to far-flung destinations, we’ve got some pretty wonderful news. You can actually double your work holiday allowance with a few carefully placed leave dates.

That’s right. Here’s how to make the most of your holidays in the new year and help boost your work-life balance.

How to double your work holiday allowance in 2020

April: book off 6th – 9th, and 14th – 17th

Turn 8 days of annual leave at Easter into 16 days off work in one fell swoop. Good Friday and Easter Monday fall on 10th and 13th April 2020, so taking 6th – 9th and 14th – 17th April off work you’ll get a break of over two weeks.

If you take 8 days of annual leave at Easter, it can

May: book off 2nd – 5th, and 26th – 29th

There are two Bank Holidays in May 2020. The first will be on Friday 8th, so take 4th – 7th May as holiday and you won’t be back in the office until 11th – meaning four days of leave can be a nine day getaway.

The second Bank Holiday falls on 25th, so book off 26th – 29th May and enjoy another nine day holiday for just four days leave.

September: book off 1st – 4th

The August bank holiday falls on 31st, so book 1st – 4th September off work and turn four days leave into a nine day late summer break.

December: book off 21st – 24th and 29th – 1st January

It essentially means you’ll clock off on Friday 18th and won’t be back in the office until Monday 3rd January.

So what are you waiting for? Start booking those lovely lengthy holidays now before the rest of your team does.

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