This is the thing in wine that makes your hangovers horrific the next day

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Good to know

Since today's news is all about how much UK cities all love to drink, we will admit that we, too, enjoy a tipple or two.

But, sometimes, when we wake up the next day with that banging migraine and a general feeling of constant nausea, we all ask ourselves: was it really worth it?

We find ourselves desperately googling 'hangover cures' as we wonder quietly if we'll ever feel normal again.

And, for some strange reason, when we do feel back to our old selves again, we just repeat the process. Well, apart from lowering your hangovers for good by swapping to organic wine - it's now been revealed the clue you should look out for when purchasing wine.

It's all to do with how dark it is.

According to a National Drug Institute in Perth, Australia professor, it's all about sticking to lighter coloured wines.

Why is this? It's because your hangover's intensity is all about how many congeners you've consumed. Congeners are toxic and they're the byproduct that comes from the fermenting process - and they're the culprit of why you feel like death the morning after.

This explains why red wine hangovers are the absolute worst, huh? So next time you're buying a bottle, try to stick to light colours, like lighter rosés, lighter reds and white wine.

Delphine Chui