This is the one thing you should never do to your holiday luggage

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  • We definitely didn't expect that.

    For a lot of us, going on holiday brings out our ‘Monica Gellar’ side – getting weeks of enjoyment writing detailed packing lists, organising our toiletries and buying a stack of the best holiday reads.

    Some of us even go the extra mile, putting a few security precautions on our check-in luggage, ensuring its safety – and making us feel extra smug.

    Some put a padlock on their cases to stop anyone tampering with the contents, while others cover their luggage with ‘FRAGILE’ tape (even when their cases aren’t fragile) to make sure their cases stay intact. Most of us choose to ensure our bags stay safe in a simpler way, by attaching an identification tag to our bags.


    It makes sense, right? Having your name and your address on your case will ensure that it can’t get lost. What could go wrong?

    Well, a lot apparently. While it’s true that adding an ID tag onto your bag can increase the chances that you’ll be reunited with your belongings, it also increases the risks of danger. Yes, really.

    A frequent flyer, Clive Owens, recently opened up to Mamamia about why he feels ID tags are actually a bad idea, giving his holiday packing tips, and it’s making us rethink everything.

    According to Clive, attaching an ID tag with your address to your luggage is essentially an advert for burglars, with him explaining that it spreads the message, ‘This house is empty, please burgle – and take your time.’

    He continued: ‘Don’t put a friend’s house because the burglars don’t know it’s a friend’s house and will still burgle it. Put a work address and mobile number on it. Then, even if your mobile has a problem, your name and work address will help you and your underwear get reunited.’

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