An Elf-inspired New York hotel room exists so that's our December getaway sorted

elf inspired hotel room

Christmas is coming, and while for the most part it means cheese, Prosecco and the Harry Potter movies on repeat, it's also the perfect time to book a last minute trip to Europe for a weekend of cute and festive markets.

But if you're planning to go a little further afield, there's something very interesting happening across the pond in New York city and we're certain you won't want to miss it.

One hotel has decided to deck out a room inspired by the Christmas classic, Elf, and it sounds like an absolute dream.

Club Wyndham has decorated the suite with things that would make Buddy's heart sing, such as hundreds of hanging paper snowflakes, giant candy canes, a life-size toy soldier, a Christmas tree and presents according to Insider.

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The kitchen is also stocked with special Elf goodies like spaghetti, chocolate sauce, Pop-Tarts, cookie-dough rolls and M&Ms (but you might not be so keen to mix them all together Buddy-style).

The couches are covered in comfy, furry blankets and cushions and it looks like a winter wonderland. Remember the ultimate festive beauty of Gimbels? Yep, it essentially looks just like it. Instagram at the ready.

Sadly, it doesn't include a visit from Will Ferrell or Zooey Deschanel, but you'll definitely have a rollicking good time.

The room accommodates up to four people, with the sofa folding out into a bed, and it will be available from 2nd - 20th December 2019. But if you want to reserve a stay you'd better be quick as this is certain to book up in no time.

If you're keen to stay in this unique hotel room, it'll set you back $399 a night (£307) so grab three friends and get ready to book the stay of your Christmas dreams.

What are you waiting for? Happy holidays!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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