Why Beverly Hills needs to be on your luxury travel bucket list

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Why go?

Adored by Hollywood’s elite, the corner of Los Angeles that is depicted on the silver screen is exactly as you’d expect: palm trees line the streets, Rodeo Drive is awash with boutiques and, let’s not forget, there’s the opulent Beverly Wilshire hotel from Pretty Woman (more on that later).

But there’s so much more to 90210 than designer handbags and celebrity hotspots. From wellness treatments using state-of-the-art technology to immersive dining experiences, this postcode is where you’ll find yourself enjoying a rooftop pool one minute and eating dinner sprinkled with 24k gold flakes the next.

So if you want to plan a boujee break, Beverly Hills absolutely needs to be on your luxury travel bucket list.

Where to eat

Da Lat Rose

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Above the iconic A-list favourite Crustacean lies Da Lat Rose, the brainchild of revered chef Helene An who has created a ‘gastro-biographical’ dining experience like no other. Forget stepping into a restaurant and ordering a three course meal; Da Lat Rose boasts a 12 course tasting menu and every plate represents a pivotal moment in Helene’s life to create a truly amazing culinary journey, starting with her birth in Vietnam during World War II, followed by her escape during the communist uprising and ending with her arrival in America as a refugee.

Quality ingredients and delicate flavours hold the menu together. ‘The Union’ offers diners Keluga caviar, ‘The American Dream’ showcases her famous garlic noodles topped with Santa Barbara sea urchin and 24k gold leaf and ‘The Legacy Lives On’ features Snake River Farms wagyu.

The restaurant seats 40 people, making it an intimate and unique experience that will leave you feeling full (and perhaps a little flushed from all the paired cocktails).


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Fans of the French pâtisserie will know that Ladurée is famed for its delicious sweet treats. However, this is their first vegan venture offering a number of delights to excite every foodie.

Dreamy pastel green and pink furnishings make this an Instagrammer’s dream, but you’ll find more than feed-worthy snaps, dairy-free macarons and almond buttermilk pastries here; there are vegan cheese and tofu Croque-Monsieurs to sink your teeth into and the mushroom pâté served with vegan salted butter is a must. Plus, the beautifully designed ‘eggs’ benedict is sure to make it onto your grid.

Whether you’re vegan or not, this is the perfect pop-in when your feet tire from shopping on Rodeo Drive.


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If you’re hoping to bump into an A-lister, head to AVRA. Popular amongst the Hollywood set, this Greek restaurant will take you from LA eaterie to European villa with its crisp white walls and towering lit-up trees.

The menu includes a number of culinary favourites, from hummus to saganaki to Chilean sea bass souvlaki, but it’s the extensive list of fresh seafood that will really whet your appetite. From lavraki to lobster, swordfish to sashimi, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice.

Where to stay

The Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel

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If you’re a Pretty Woman fan, you’ll instantly recognise this iconic five star hotel. It’s just as opulent in real life as it is on the silver screen, and at the in-house bar and restaurant, The Blvd, you’ll even find a pink cocktail inspired by the classic film.

Located in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Beverly Hills, the hotel is just a minute away from shoppers paradise, Rodeo Drive, and perfectly placed for foodies hopping from one top-rated restaurant to the next.

Understandably, it’s the first choice for a number of stars due to its prime location and exceptional service. Marble floors, magnificent staircases and that infamous lift, it oozes extravagance from the minute you step into the lobby. Rooms boast plush super-sized beds and private balconies overlooking the mountains, and you’ll also want to find time to unwind in the spa, sweat it out at the fitness centre or take a dip in the outdoor pool.

Where to relax

The Peninsula

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When it’s time to unwind and the sun is high in the sky, there’s only one place you’ll want to be: The Peninsula Beverly Hills. Head to the rooftop pool and book one of the 12 cabanas for the ultimate chill out; you’ll find flat-screen TVs, safes and iPhone docks in each meaning you’ll be set for a day of lounging (whilst sipping on a smoothie, naturally).

As the lazy day draws on, you might be tempted to book an appointment at the spa. Hydration treatments are available for those who need to soothe their skin after sunning, and a blissful massage is the key to switching off. Don’t forget to visit the nail suite for a mani-pedi, too - because who doesn’t like to be utterly pampered?

Rooftop by JG

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The Rooftop by JG, sat atop the infamous Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, does not disappoint when it comes to panoramic views of LA and it also acts as a cosy cocktail spot while you watch the sunset. Try the ginger margarita as you lounge in this beautiful garden setting or sip on a Hemingway daiquiri and watch the city twinkle beneath you.

Stay for dinner, rise early for breakfast or whizz up to the top of the 12 storey building for a late brunch. But whatever you do, don’t miss it.

Don’t miss

Upgrade Labs

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It’s time to get *really* LA and embrace all things health and wellness at Upgrade Labs, located poolside at the Beverly Hilton hotel. And if you think it’s just another fancy gym, think again; this is the world’s first Biohacking and Recovery facility. But what does that mean exactly?

Let’s start with the high-tech machines on offer to optimise athletic performance without spending hours plodding away on a treadmill. The cutting edge technology includes a 'cheat machine' that promises to give your body the results of a week’s worth of weight training in less than twenty minutes, and then there’s the vibrating platform that also boasts red light therapy to supercharge your cells while you work out.

Afterwards, head over to the treatment rooms. Try boosting your immune system by chilling out in the -220°F Cryotherapy chamber; with your favourite tunes playing through speakers to keep you distracted from the freeze, you’ll emerge feeling recharged and refreshed. If you’d prefer something a little less cold, hit up the infrared sauna which promises to boost collagen production and promote detoxification.

How to get there

The Private Suite

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Ever wondered how the super celebrities get through LAX without being spotted? Why don’t you ever see them waiting at security? Or getting elbowed while looking for their luggage? The Private Suite is the answer.

Touch down in the city of angels feeling like a total star with this private terminal - yes, you read that correctly. It’s a thing. Popular with Hollywood’s elite, it offers the chance to travel in complete luxury from the moment you land. The outstanding service starts as soon as you step off the plane; you’ll be greeted at the door and driven to the private terminal, avoiding busy customs queues, other passengers and the stress of finding your suitcase on the carousel.

Upon arrival, guests are taken through private security and passport control before heading to their very own suite complete with a lounge to chill out before you head into the city, a bathroom equipped with products to freshen up after your long flight and a fully stocked fridge - which, of course, includes everything from snacks to champagne. If you’re feeling peckish, you can order from an impressive menu, and if you’re feeling achy a masseuse is on hand. Seriously. If you want a seamless transfer between the tarmac and the highway, this is a boujee no-brainer.

For more information about planning your trip to Beverly Hills, visit www.lovebeverlyhills.com

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