Team MC Celebrate #NationalBurgerDay By Sharing Their Favourite Burger Joints

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  • WARNING: Burger porn ahead

    It’s #NationalBurgerDay, so naturally Team MC have had nothing else on their minds (bar the small task of prepping the next issue!).

    To celebrate, we’re sharing our favourite burgers from around the Ireland to Cornwall so you can get the best without having to spend (atleast) six hours scouring the Internet for the best patties around.

    Here are Team MC’s best burger joints:

    Charlotte Clark – Beauty Assistant

    I love the Smokey Robinson Burger from Patty & Bun. It’s just so delicious with the brioche bun, smokey mayo and loads of cheese and bacon. 10/10 even if you do have to queue for hours to get one!

    Laura Campbell – Picture Assistant

    The best burger in the country is definitely from HUBBOX Truro (my hometown). If I’m feeling wild I’ll go for ‘The Big Kahuna’ which won the National Burger Awards for Best Overall! It’s got two 4oz burgers topped with pulled pork, melting swiss cheese and two homemade onion rings stacked on top and fries that are just as good as the burger. I’m hungry just thinking about it…

    Corinne Redfern – Acting Features Director

    Burger King, Leeds Train Station, 2009 Bacon Double Cheeseburger
    After three days in a waterlogged tent at Leeds festival, subsisting on dry pot noodles (we forgot to pack a stove), special K breakfast bars and vodka, we were hours away from hypothermia and/or scurvy by the time we reached the train station. At times like that, there’s really only one thing that can make things better: a hot shower. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. Our train was delayed, and because this is Yorkshire, even the tap water in the public toilets was icy cold. So I had a bacon double cheeseburger from Burger King instead. And it was wonderful.

    Josie Ayre – Fashion Features & Entertainment Assistant

    Bleecker St’s Bleecker Black is one of the best things that has ever graced this earth. With two patties and a healthy slice of black pudding squeezed in the middle, it is a burger which the Greek gods would have dined on had they been into burgers at the time. Make sure to order a side of their angry fries to go with and while you may have consumed about a weeks worth of calories, it’ll be 100% worth the extra gym sessions.

    Sophie Tighe – Digital News & Features Editor

    I love love LOVE the burgers from Five Guys! They’re not posh but they’re so tasty. And they come with two patties as standard AND all the toppings are free! I go for grilled onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup because I’m a bit of a traditionalist. Okay, now I’m hungry…

    Vicky Chandler – Features Intern

    Anything from Honest Burger in Brixton!

    Kiara Keane – Features Assistant

    Credit: Instagram

    Eddie Rockets in Dublin has the best burgers and shakes! It’s an old-school 50s diner and has a jukebox at every table. I would happily eat all of their burgers in a row, apart from the grilled pineapple one because that’s just weird.

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