A Harry Potter spa day now exists and it sounds Sirius-ly magical

harry potter spa

While the Slytherins take over the Harry Potter Warner Bros studio tour, something else HP-themed is happening - and it's Sirius-ly exciting.

The Wand & Willow Day Spa is offering Potterheads the chance to chill out in a wonderfully wizardy way.

Inspired by magic, owner Wendy Piedad has created a hub for anyone who needs a day of wellness peppered with all things witchy, whether you're a fan of Harry Potter, Bewitched or Practical Magic.

The spa packages on offer include Marauder, Philosopher, and Phoenix and treatments take place surrounded by HP decor, including owls, a 'Fat Lady' replica portrait, potion bottles and Hogwarts-esque tapestries, and there's even a copper cauldron and floating candles to really immerse yourself in the experience.

harry potter spa day

Credit: Wand & Willow Day Spa

Body wraps, massages and a range of facials are available and you can even treat yourself to a 'Butter Brew' coffee from the 9 ¾ Tea & Co while you're there.

Owner Wendy told Business Insider: 'Visitors to the spa are enchanted when they enter and love seeing all of the subtle magical-themed decor.

'It is both elegant yet whimsical. I enjoy seeing them glancing around the treatment rooms looking at the magical creatures, floating candles, potions bottles, and cauldrons.

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'I actually have quite a few guests who have never visited a spa before because they have never found one that seemed to call to them until they discovered Wand & Willow.

'It's a dream come true for me to be able to combine the things that I am passionate about and to be able to bring a bit of magic into the realm of relaxation and healing.'

This absolute gem can be found in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, so if you're really keen to unwind in a uniquely magical way then it might be time to book those flights...

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