There's a list of things that didn't exist 10 years ago and it is shocking

What's Uber?

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What's Uber?

Think about all the apps you use on a day to day basis - whether it's ordering dinner on Just Eat, or updating the girls WhatsApp group with details of your date from the night before.

But what did we do before the likes of Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest? Back in 2008, we'd message our friends by publicly writing on their Facebook walls, and nights out would be remembered with hundreds of digital camera photos. There was no app to collate online mood boards and photos of dreamy interiors and iPads didn't exist.

It might not feel like that long ago, but in ten years things have changed a lot. Back then, we didn't have Uber, Tinder or even the Facebook Messenger App. There are so many things we use now without even thinking - but what were we missing out on back in 2008?

As reported by, there are fourteen things that we now use pretty much daily that weren't a thing ten years ago.

  1. Uber – 2009
  2. Instagram – 2010
  3. Snapchat – 2011
  4. Bitcoin – 2009
  5. iPad – 2010
  6. Facebook Messenger App – 2011
  7. Kickstarter – 2009
  8. Pinterest – 2010
  9. Angry Birds – 2009
  10. WhatsApp – 2009
  11. Candy Crush – 2012
  12. Tinder – 2012
  13. Apple Watch – 2015
  14. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes – 2015

That's right - Pumpkin Spice Lattes only came about three years ago.

Oh, how time flies! Wonder what we won't be able to live without in another ten years...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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