This doggy Instagram account is the only one you need to follow

It sparks so much joy


It sparks so much joy

Dogs are good for your health. It's scientifically proven. And they're also particularly great for your mental health. This airport has introduced therapy dogs to help calm nervous fliers and one university is funding dog walking sessions for stressed out students before they take exams.

Plus, dogs love their owners five times more than cats do (just saying).

So if you're a dog person then it's time to start following @thedogist on Instagram because it will complete your life. recently sang its praises, and we totally understand why. The account is the brainchild of Elias Weiss Friedman, who snaps dogs and includes a brief bio - a bit like a Humans Of New York for doggos, if you will.

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Every day a different dog features, and as expected they're all wonderfully beautiful and spark so much joy. The account also shares pictures of dogs who are looking for their forever home. Awww.

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If you're not on Instagram all that much, you should be just for the pure happiness you will feel scrolling through in your doggy slippers.

But there's also a book and calendar available if you're not signed up to the social media platform, so absolutely no one has to miss out.

There's even a special edition The Dogist: Puppies book which would make the perfect gift for someone (aka yourself).

We're obsessed.

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