How to actually have sex in a swimming pool

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  • Just remember guys, public sex is illegal so there's an incentive to get your own private pool...

    Summer is upon us and that means longer days, rosé nightcaps and al fresco dining (and possibly, sex.)

    Yes, while your comrades might be trying out tantric sex on their days off or raving about the benefits of sober sex (of which there are many), the true adventurers out there are talking about underwater sex.

    And, let us tell you, it can be a logistical nightmare.

    While some people are eating oranges in their showers, other people are eating… well, you get the idea.

    But while your holiday might make you feel all sassy and sexy, it’s worth noting that sex in water can be risky – just think about the many slippage opportunities…!

    Here’s what to remember

    Use lubricant

    Yes, it sounds confusing but you actually lose your own natural lubrication in water so you’ll need some silicone-based lube to help you through.

    Avoid bacterial infections

    Although water won’t necessarily give you a bacterial infection (apparently it’s harder than you think to get infected down there), you still need to be careful about yeast infections or UTIs because your chances of getting one underwater is higher since your natural lubrication isn’t around to fight it off.)

    Wear a condom

    Yes, you can still get pregnant underwater obviously so if you need protection, put a condom on – but be careful in hot tubs as the heat of the water can increase the likelihood of the condom ripping.

    Be safe

    You are way more likely to have a sex-related injury in the water so make sure you have a good grip and minimise any chances of slipping and injuring yourself because let’s face it, it would make a great story but it isn’t sexy.

    And if wet sex isn’t for you, consider just using your sex toy in the bath instead.

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