This is what you should be doing after sex to avoid getting a UTI

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  • And no, it's not going to the loo

    Post-sex etiquette for women is so real. Like, amongst all that post-coital cuddle and bonding time, a girl has got to go pee.

    A mood killer it may be, but it is basically a medical must that you have to do in order to avoid getting a UTI and a yeast infection and to generally just flush everything out.

    And now, it seems like there might be something else you should be adding to your checklist after you’ve just had sex as a preventative measure to protect your vaginal health.

    Sure it’s not so romantic and you might not be in the mood to do it after getting down but trust us on this one. It’s important to get all that good bacteria back in your body to avoid any vaginal irritation that could eventually lead to you getting a yeast infection so do we have your attention now?

    After working your way through our kamaustra sex positions guide it’s really important to eat food rich in probiotics in order to avoid getting UTIs and a yeast infection. We’re talking natural yoghurt ideally and also fermented foods such as miso soup, kombucha and kimchi. Probiotic skincare is even a thing now so it’s worth getting to grips with it.

    You should also avoid putting underwear back on after sex, as this can also increase your risk of infection and, erm, general itchiness below. Despite the fact that sleeping naked has proven benefits, if you’d rather not sleep in the buff then wear loose clothing and make sure vaginal area is 100% dry.

    So no rushing to put your clothes on straight after a shower, either.

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