Supermarket trolleys contain over 300 times more bacteria than a toilet door knob

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    Not a day goes by when we aren’t being presented with some new grim fact about germs that makes us question ever leaving our homes again, although we’re probably not even safe there TBH.

    Think we’re being over-dramatic? Did you know that seats on the London underground are only cleaned once every six months to a year (seriously), or that your work desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat?

    We can’t even count on a tub of trusty old anti-bac gel to help us out anymore, as it was recently revealed that anti-bacterial gel could actually be bad for your health.

    As if things weren’t looking bleak enough, we’ve just discovered that even doing our supermarket shop isn’t safe anymore.

    Yes, supermarket trolleys are so filthy they can contain up 361 times more bacteria than toilet door knob – which may put you off ever using one again (though luckily Zara have created the coolest shopping bag ever so you don’t have to).

    Admittedly the study that broke these founds was conducted in America, but chances are the results aren’t likely to be too different our side of the pond. The results found that three quarters of shopping trolleys tested had harmful bacteria which could even cause food poisoning.

    The results did vary based on the type of stores, with your classic supermarket coming in as the dirtiest whilst your posher shop (we’re talking Waitrose and M&S here folks) were somewhat cleaner.

    We still think we’ll stick to our reusable bags though.

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