This is why you should never sit down on the London Underground

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    We can all admit that the London underground is hardly the cleanest means of transportation, but have you ever wondered just how clean the tubes we use on a daily basis actually are?

    Well, Metro submitted a Freedom of Information request from Transport for London to find out the answer – and we’re kind of wishing they’d left well enough alone after seeing the results.

    Apparently, the District, Jubilee, Northern, Circle, Piccadilly, Metropolitan and Hammersmith and City (so a lot of them) lines are NEVER treated to a good old shampoo cleaning. And even though the Bakerloo, Victoria and Central lines are, they only get washed once every six months to a year.

    All train carriages are given a basic clean every night. Foors are aswept on a nightly basis, and are mopped clean every two or three days. All seats are regularly hoovered, and you’ll also be pleased to hear that seats are actually removed and replaced if they have been soiled on (thanks TFL).

    Seats on the Barkerloo, Central, Victoria, Metropolitan, Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines are brushed every night, and are given a hoover every 21 days. On the Victoria line the seats are actually given a wash every 24 weeks, whilst seats on the Bakerloo line are washed every 36 weeks. TFL also assure us that seats on the Central line are washed at least once a year (cheers, guys). On a more positive note, seats on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines are hoovered every night!

    The report from TFL also stated that the poles are cleaned nightly. However, they are only given a thorough wipe down every two to three days (think of all the germs!) so you might want to start wearing gloves or investing in some hand sanitiser before touching those.

    It’s not just the interiors that are cleaned either, trains running on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines get put through a ‘train wash’ twice a week.

    Back in 2014, Time Out London actually travelled each tube line and tested the seats to see just how dirty they really are. Though if you don’t fancy adding to your daily commuter problems and fear of common germs then we recommend skipping over the below video.

    As for us? We think we may start getting an Uber to and from the office.

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