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This is the day most Brits are going to be having sex so mark your calendars

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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. According to a study, July 1 is officially peak sexual activity day for the UK this 2017 and they’ve even calculated the exact hour and minute things are going to be at their sexiest. So grab your partner, spice things up with a few sex toys for couples and off you pop. (Literally.)

    Lovehoney, a British sex toy manufacturer, asked 2000 Brits about their sexual habits and it turns out that the summer months is when things really heat up in the bedroom. They revealed that July is the hottest month in the calendar (24%), with August trailing behind at 22% and June at 18%. The survey concluded that summer sex is more popular because we wear fewer clothes in these months, meaning titillation is through the roof.

    A Lovehoney spokeswoman said, ‘Summer is here and we all feel a lot more optimistic when the sun is out. That is reflected in the heightened levels of sexual activity.’

    most popular sex day

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    According to nearly half of people (44%), Saturday was their favourite day of the week to get it on because ‘most of us feel good about not being at work’. (We feel you.) Weekends were generally everybody’s favourite time to have sex, whereas Monday made for totally dead bedrooms – only 1% chose it as their most passionate day.

    The survey also asked what time of the day people get down to business and averaged them all out to discover what exactly what time couples would most likely be having sex. It’s very specific – 7:37 pm is officially peak time for sexual activity, so set your clocks and if you’re not joining in maybe grab some earplugs.

    Want more sexy statistics? Check out the full breakdown of the most popular months and days to have sex below.

    Most popular month for sex

    1. July 24%
    2. August 22%
    3. June 18%
    4. May 8%
    5. December 7%
    6. February 6%
    7. September 5%
    8. April 4%
    9. October 3%
    10. March 2%
    11. January 1%
    12. November 0%

    Most popular days for sex

    1. Saturday 44%
    2. Sunday 24%
    3. Friday 22%
    4. Wednesday 4%
    5. Thursday 3%
    6. Tuesday 2%
    7. Monday 1%

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