This is the most popular time of the week to have sex

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  • Can you guess it?

    Just recently we discovered how many times a week you should actually be having sex and how long good sex should actually last (not as long as you think – thank God). Well, now the most popular day and time of the week for couples in the UK to have sex has been revealed, and it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

    British beauty retailer Superdrug surveyed 2,000 people to find out the top ten most popular times to have sex during in a week. Although we aren’t entirely sure why they did this, the results sure do make for interesting reading.

    Apparently, most British couples like to get down and dirty at 9am on a Sunday morning. Which seems terribly early for a Sunday session, if you ask us.

    Coming in second (excuse the pun) was Saturday at 10:30pm, which seems a far more reasonable hour and makes sense given the amount of drunken Saturday night hook-ups that happen.

    The survey also revealed when in the week couples have the least sex, and to nobody’s surprise the week nights have not proved at all popular. You can see the full list of times below.

    When do couples have the most sex?

    1. Sunday at 9am
    2. Saturday at 10:30pm
    3. Saturday at 11:30pm (take a break, guys)
    4. Friday at 10:30pm
    5. Saturday at 10:30am
    6. Saturday at 11:30am (seriously, you’re going to tire yourselves out)
    7. Friday at 10:30pm
    8. Saturday at 11:15pm
    9. Saturday at 9:30pm
    10. Sunday at 9:30pm

    When do couples have the least sex?

    1. Monday at 4:45pm
    2. Monday at 3:00pm
    3. Tuesday at 5:30pm
    4. Tuesday at 9:00pm
    5. Thursday at 8:00am
    6. Thursday at 1:30pm
    7. Monday at 8:00am
    8. Wednesday at 7:30am
    9. Friday at 5:00pm
    10. Saturday at 5:00pm

    Here’s a nice disturbing thought for you to end this piece on – when you and your partner are doing the deed most other couples in the UK also probably are, and yes that includes your next door neighbour. Here’s to synchronised shagging.

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