Iso-mating is the latest lockdown dating trend and it's not as weird as it sounds


There are so many dating trends out there - ghosting, cushioning, zombieing to name a few - but there's a new term on the block: iso-mating.

Yes, it sounds a little odd, but stay with us.

Dating app OkCupid reveals that British singletons are looking for relationships with deeper connections as a result of lockdown, with a 22% decrease in daters looking for 'hook-ups'.

Coining the term 'iso-mating', the app describes it as actively finding someone using their matchmaking services while still being in isolation, identifying that people are not just looking for romantic relationships - they're looking for companions and friends, too.

Here are some dating tips from Melissa Hobley, CMO and dating expert at OkCupid, if you're looking for an 'iso-mate':

Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation about…anything!

COVID is a universal icebreaker right now. The best way to find your iso-mate is to get to the core of who they are, what they like, and their interests and dislikes. An emotional connection can indeed grow from a good conversation, so make it a habit to keep the conversation fluid and meaningful.

Extend the lines of communication

If you’re feeling fatigued by Zoom or FaceTime, then change it up by texting, having phone calls, or even communicating through memes. If you’re both into the written word, ignite your inner wordsmith and send each other love letters.

Check their profiles and update yours regularly

Someone’s dating profile is a great place to search for commonalities and conversation starters. Make sure you’re also updating your profile regularly to reflect your true current state. Just learnt a new skill in iso? Pop it on your profile! Discovered a newfound passion for the environment? Add a badge! Just gave yourself a haircut (and like it)? Upload a new pic! This will help others discover new and interesting things about you, and vice versa.

Get to know each other through activities

While a good conversation can do wonders for your relationship, sometimes the best way to get to know someone, or find your iso-mate, is by doing an activity together. From virtual movie marathons, to jigsaw puzzles, charades, cooking classes and so much more—your iso-dates can be anything, and there’s probably already an app for it.

Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work out

Sometimes the best things are found when you’re not looking for them. If you’ve found someone fantastic, but they’re maybe not ‘the one’ or there isn’t a romantic connection, then that’s totally ok too. You’ve still found an iso-mate which could potentially flourish into a life-long friendship.

Happy 'iso-mating'...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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