These are the UK’s favourite sex positions, broken down by city

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    Whether you find hook-ups through the best sex apps, or you’ve been in a committed relationship for as long as you can remember, new research suggests that we’re all actually pretty predictable when it comes to sex. Single, committed, ‘it’s complicated’ – we’re all searching for the same three sex positions, apparently. So before you convince yourself that everyone else is having wilder sex than you are, take a look at this.

    Flowercard analysed Google search data from across the UK to reveal the country’s most popular sex positions. The research found that missionary actually came out on top with 42,200 monthly searches in the UK, followed closely by doggy style (37,700) and reverse cowgirl (30,000).

    favourite sex positions uk

    Even more interesting, the study looked at what individual cities are looking for the most when it comes to sex positions, honing in on towns or cities with a population of over 100,000 people (according to latest government estimates). The likes of London, Brighton and Sheffield are all about keeping things simple with a bit of missionary tickling their fancy, whereas reverse cowgirl was the most popular choice in Bath, Solihull and Wigan.

    favourite sex positions uk

    Credit: Flowercard

    Want to see how your city ranked? Take a look at the full list here:


    Town/City Favourite Sex Position
    Aberdeen Missionary
    Basildon Reverse Cowgirl
    Basingstoke Reverse Cowgirl
    Bath Reverse Cowgirl
    Belfast Doggy Style
    Birkenhead Reverse Cowgirl
    Birmingham Missionary
    Blackburn Doggy Style
    Blackpool Reverse Cowgirl
    Bolton Missionary
    Bournemouth Doggy Style
    Bradford Doggy Style
    Brighton Missionary
    Bristol Missionary
    Cambridge Missionary
    Cardiff Missionary
    Chelmsford Reverse Cowgirl
    Cheltenham Doggy Style
    Colchester Missionary
    Coventry Missionary
    Crawley Doggy Style
    Derby Missionary
    Doncaster Doggy Style
    Dundee Reverse Cowgirl
    Eastbourne Doggy Style
    Edinburgh Missionary
    Exeter Doggy Style
    Gateshead Reverse Cowgirl
    Glasgow Missionary
    Gloucester Reverse Cowgirl
    Hemel Hempstead Doggy Style
    High Wycombe Reverse Cowgirl
    Huddersfield Missionary
    Ipswich Reverse Cowgirl
    Kingston upon Hull Missionary
    Leeds Missionary
    Leicester Missionary
    Lincoln Doggy Style
    Liverpool Missionary
    London Missionary
    Luton Missionary
    Maidstone Reverse Cowgirl
    Manchester Missionary
    Middlesbrough Doggy Style
    Milton Keynes Doggy Style
    Newcastle upon Tyne Missionary
    Newport Reverse Cowgirl
    Northampton Missionary
    Norwich Doggy Style
    Nottingham Missionary
    Oldham Missionary
    Oxford Missionary
    Peterborough Missionary
    Plymouth Missionary
    Poole Reverse Cowgirl
    Portsmouth Missionary
    Reading Missionary
    Rochdale Reverse Cowgirl
    Rotherham Doggy Style
    Sale Reverse Cowgirl
    Salford Reverse Cowgirl
    Sheffield Missionary
    Slough Doggy Style
    Solihull Reverse Cowgirl
    Southampton Missionary
    Southend-on-Sea Missionary
    St. Helens Missionary
    Stockport Doggy Style
    Stoke-on-Trent Missionary
    Sunderland Doggy Style
    Sutton Coldfield Reverse Cowgirl
    Swansea Missionary
    Swindon Missionary
    Telford Doggy Style
    Wakefield Reverse Cowgirl
    Warrington Reverse Cowgirl
    Watford Doggy Style
    Wigan Reverse Cowgirl
    Woking Doggy Style
    Wolverhampton Missionary
    Worcester Doggy Style
    Worthing Doggy Style
    York Missionary




    Spooning, 69 and cowgirl didn’t get as much love, indicating that we’re all pretty laid back (lol) when it comes to what we get up to in between the sheets.

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