Have you heard of R-bombing? It’s the latest dating trend we know all too well

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  • Dating etiquette isn’t hard, and yet there are so many trends out there and they’ve all got names now. There’s cushioning (when someone lines up another partner while dating you), kondo-ing (dumping the person that don’t spark joy) and sneating (dating someone for free food), and that’s just scratching the surface.

    The latest dating trend on the scene, however, is R-bombing. Sounds pretty dramatic, but the premise is actually quite simple: leave someone on read and never reply.

    That’s right. When the annoying blue ticks appear but a response never does. We’ve all been there – whether we’ve been on the R-bombing receiving end or are guilty of it ourselves – but only now do we have a name for letting someone know that we’ve read their message but decided not to keep the convo going.

    Sometimes it happens by accident. How many times have you R-bombed a friend despite your best intentions to reply (eventually)? However, if it’s happening in a romantic capacity it’s probably not a good sign – for either party.

    Dating coach James Preece told the Independent: ‘This is incredibly common both by text and through social media.

    ‘It’s very similar to ghosting, only you have no doubts they have got your message. You’ll be confused and wonder why they aren’t responding. The truth is that the other person doesn’t want to meet but doesn’t want to hurt you by explicitly saying so.’

    He recommends that you ‘focus on finding someone who treats you respectfully’ if you’re a victim of R-bombing.

    And if you’re guilty of it, maybe politely let the other person know that you’re not interested instead of ignoring them so that they get the message.

    Basically, be dating-kind, people.

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