5 viral TikTok sex tips that are actually worth trying, according to a sex expert

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Tiktok sex tips
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Social media platform TikTok is awash with viral "hacks" promising to improve your health, wardrobe, and - yep, you guessed it - sex life.

It's become something of a breeding ground for tips, tricks and advice, with users from around the world sharing their knowledge and experiences with the platform's millions of viewers. 

While not all of the so-called must-tries are, well, must-tries, some are genuinely very helpful, our editors have tested lots for you and found some helpful (Lucky Girl syndrome and greens powders, we're looking at you). 

While we haven't personally tested any of the sex tips for you, we do know the top sex experts who have. So, if you're looking to spice up your sex life and wondering whether any of the viral Tiktok sex tips are worth their salt, look no further. We've asked sex expert at Joy Love Dolls Melissa Stone to share her two cents on which of the viral tips are actually effective and worth trying.

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5 viral TikTok sex tips that are actually worth trying

1. The coconut challenge

What is it? Fun fact: nope, this trend has had nearly four million views on the platform but doesn't have anything to do with the fruit itself. Instead, it seems to have originated from a clip of Cardi B from 2019 where she claims Megan Thee Stallion is "going to do the coconut challenge on the d---" before jokingly falling to the floor in shock.

"The Coconut Challenge is a sexual technique that involves spelling out the word “coconut” with your hips while having intercourse," explains the expert. "Simply put, the challenge involves using your hips to trace out the word “coconut”, while on top of your partner."

What the expert reckons? "While it's unclear how spelling out coconut specifically will be beneficial, it's definitely worth trying if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom," she shares. Why? Well, "the challenge can help to create a unique rhythm between partners, leading to more pleasure and satisfaction." 

Plus, she reckons it's a fun and creative way to explore a new technique. 

TikTok sex tips: a coconut

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2. Four minute foreplay

What is it? Next up: a TikTok sex tip that encourages you to set a four-minute timer during foreplay. Then, take turns with your partner to pleasure each other until the timer goes off. 

What the expert reckons? "In my opinion, trying a four-minute foreplay timer is an excellent way to increase partner pleasure and connection," comments Stone. "Taking turns to pleasure each other can not only help to build tension and excitement but allow for an even more intimate experience once the timer is up."

She goes on to add that taking the time to focus on foreplay can be beneficial for both partners as it'll likely result in hotter sex and better orgasms. You heard it here first. 

TikTok sex tips

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3. The sex hand trick

What is it? This one's been around for ages but has risen in popularity since TikToker Nurse Ria, who regularly posts sex tips and tricks, shared a video where she claimed that pressing on a woman's stomach during sex stimulates the nerve endings in the G Spot. Yep. 

What the expert reckons?  "This pressure technique can be great for anyone looking to increase their pleasure, build anticipation, or who wants to experience a more intense and intimate orgasm," she explains.

Her advice? "Use a "come hither" motion to press down on the woman’s stomach during sex," she advises. "This can be a great way to explore different techniques and increase pleasure for both partners."

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4. The pillow hack

What is it? Another hack that's gone viral on the app is a simple and cheap pillow hack, where you pop a pillow beneath your lower back. 

What the expert reckons? "This is a simple but effective hack as tilting your pelvis up using a pillow can help to provide more stimulation to the G spot," she details. "Additionally, the pillow hack can help to create new and exciting sex angles, leading to a more intimate and unique experience all around." 

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5. Tantric sex

What is it? Last but by no means least, we first covered tantric sex years ago, long before its hashtag had 38.9 million views. In short, it's an ancient practice that combines sexuality and physicality to heighten your senses (and yes, Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlet Johansson are all rumoured to be fans). 

What the expert reckons? "Seeking emotional as well as sexual connection? Then I'd recommend giving tantric sex a go, as it's an option that's both mentally and physically stimulating," Stone shares. "Not only can tantric sex help to build an intimate bond between partners, but it can allow for a deeper and more meaningful experience - physically and emotionally." 

Now, the all-important question. Will you be giving any a go? 

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