The selfie capital of the UK has been revealed and you’d never guess it

Say cheese!

how to take the perfect selfie
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Say cheese!

When it comes to taking photographs of ourselves, we've pretty much reached saturation point. And, no, we're not talking about the kind of saturation that makes you look tanned on Instagram - no matter the season. (Although, can we sidestep and talk about how to take a good photo in every kind of light, for a second please?)

We're living in a world where we take more photos than ever before and a lot of these are selfies. Yes, we've all been there. Whether it's a selfie against a great coloured wall, a relationship selfie, a selfie with our pet puppy (a dogfie?) or a solo travel 'look where I am!' selfie, we've all taken one.

And, when musicMagpie looked into the #selfie hashtag, they found that Dover was actually the selfie capital of the UK, with more than 188,000 selfies taken there in 2017 alone. Sure, these are only selfies that have been shared with the hashtag #selfie so you could argue the actual number may be a lot more - but all we know is that Dover citizens are taking selfies and are damn proud to be doing so.

Who came next? Penzance and Manchester with other coastal towns and cities like Blackpool and Brighton coming close behind.

It also seems that most people are posting selfies at 12PM on a Saturday with more than 130,000 mentions at that time so it's official, selfies are still trending.

Delphine Chui