These are the beaches where you're most likely to find romance, apparently

Sand, sea and....

romantic beaches
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Sand, sea and....

If you're after a steamy time in the sunshine, we already know where the sexiest city break destination is (and surprisingly, when the most romantic day of the year - aside from Valentine's Day, obviously) is.

So, when dating app Happn revealed the top 10 European beaches for finding romance this summer, our interest was peaked. And it shouldn't surprise you that number one is the same location as the city break where couples have the most sex.

How did they get their data, you ask? Well, they looked at the beaches where the most 'crushes' were made on the app. Who knew the beach was the new place to cruise for a date!?

Top 10 beaches to find romance

1) Barcelona, Spain

2) Nice, France

3) Ibiza, Spain

4) Brighton, England

5) Cannes, France

6) Antibes, France

7) Malaga, Spain

8) Palma, Spain

9) Gotland/Visby, Sweden

10) Alanya, Turkey

Delphine Chui