This is the sexiest city break destination according to statistics

And who are we to argue with numbers?

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And who are we to argue with numbers?

It's a proven fact that summer is the month we're most sexually active. Whether it's because we've actually bothered to shave our legs, or aren't worried about wearing as many layers as possible to keep our heating bills low, the combination of heat, sweat and that laissez-faire attitude that comes from being in 20 degree plus temperatures is spellbinding.

So, it's no surprise that holiday sex is up there on our to do list. So, yes, it's time to use those online holiday booking hacks we taught you STAT. But, you may want to ignore the cheapest destinations to fly to for the moment and focus on one destination in particular because Barcelona has just been named the city break where couples have the most sex.

Yep, the Spanish city beat the likes of Paris, New York and Rome with holidaying couples having sex eight times on average during a three night stay.

Over 2,000 British women recorded how much sex they had during a three night city-break stay in a poll done by online travel agency and this is what the averages were...

1. Barcelona – 8 times

2. New York – 7 times

3. Paris – 7 times

4. Rome – 6 times

5. Amsterdam – 5 times

6. Reykjavik – 5 times

7. Lisbon – 4 times

8. Dubai – 3 times

9. Prague – 3 times

10. Madrid – 3 times

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Hola Barcelona, we say.

Delphine Chui