Want to buy your own wand? There’s now a shop in Yorkshire where you can

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  • Just don’t mention Harry Potter...

    If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that no self-respecting witch or wizard doesn’t have a wand. So if you see yourself as a secret Slytherin or think you’d make a hell of a Hufflepuff, never fear – there’s now a shop where you can buy your own personal wand.

    Mystical Moments in Slaithewaite, Yorkshire, is the brainchild of Richard Carter, who has been making wands for five years after his ‘spirit guides’ showed him his calling.

    Describing his wands as ‘real and spiritual’, Richard says his creations can be used for lots of different deeds, including healing, balancing chakras and opening and closing sacred circles – the place where you can carry out your spells or meditate peacefully while being protected from ‘negative energies’.

    No Muggles Please

    However, don’t think that just because you want a wand, you can buy one. In fact, being a Harry Potter fan won’t get you far.

    What Carter is looking for in his wand-owners is spiritual sincerity i.e. people who are ‘true believers’ and not just Harry Potter fans who are looking for a momento. ‘If I had someone come in wanting a wand just because they liked Harry Potter I would not sell them one, not matter how much money they were offering,’ he says.

    This attitude landed Carter in hot water with die-hard fans earlier this week, when they accused the wand maker of being ‘snobbish’ for not wanting to sell his wares to them.

    ‘There is very little financial gain from selling them,’ explains Carter, who sells his wands for between £15 and £25 each. ‘The rewards are on a more spiritual level so it’s important to me that people understand that they aren’t just a toy. I want to pass them onto someone with a genuine interest in spirituality.’

    Dark Magic

    ‘A wand is an extension of yourself and a tool in which to direct positive energies and intentions,’ says Carter. ‘Ours are all made with positive energy to be used with good intentions.’

    Of course, not all magical intentions are good. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever come across a dark witch or wizard, but you can usually pick up on negative energy from someone’s aura,’ says Carter.

    ‘The aura is the energy field that surrounds a living creature and represents your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Some people can see it but most people sense it instead.’

    Good Wood

    Despite his attitude, there are similarities between Olivander’s and Mystical Moments. For example, both sell wands made by hand and that are each completely unique. ‘I never know how each one will turn out,’ says Carter. ‘Instead I’m guided by the wand and how it wants to turn out. I finish the fine sanding by hand which gives me time to connect with the wood.’

    These woods all have different meanings and properties, so if you’re thinking of investing, here’s Richard’s quick guide:

    Yew – The tree of immortality, birth and rebirth. Yew helps with psychic abilities and brings balance between the spiritual and physical.

    Sweet Chestnut – Associated with love and healing. Sweet Chestnut is excellent if you’re seeking clarity and is a good wand to use in meditation.

    Oak – Represents strength and knowledge. Oak’s main properties are courage, strength and protection.

    Ash – Ash is known as the tree of life from which Odin hung to receive knowledge of the runes. It’s a good wood to use to help develop your spirituality.

    Sycamore – This wood awakens the feminine energies of your intuition, love and nature. It is a good wand for healing.

    Mahogany – Works with the elements of spirit, fire and earth. Mahogany makes an excellent wand to use for spiritual growth.

    ‘The wand chooses the wizard’

    To buy a wand, you’re going to have to go to the shop in person. The best way to pick one, according to Carter, is to hold the wand and ‘feel the energy of the wood’. ‘This will instinctively tell you whether this is the wand for you,’ he explains.

    At the moment, Carter is selling around four or five wands a week, with enquiries coming from all over the world, from Jamaica to the USA.

    ‘I sold a yew wand to someone recently who had travelled over two hours to visit the shop,’ recalls Carter. ‘When he was shown the wands he was instantly drawn to a yew one and as soon as he picked it up you could see the connection and feel the energy it was giving him.’


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