The Marie Kondo folding hacks and tidying techniques that will change your life

BRB, off to get organised

Just in case you didn’t know, you’ve been folding your clothes wrong your whole life – but don’t worry, with Marie Kondo’s folding techniques and organisation hacks, everything’s about to get a little better.

So who is Marie Kondo and what are the Marie Kondo folding techniques?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying expert, who has made her name (and her living) through a series of ‘how to’ guides and books including The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which is a bestseller – check it out on She has made an art form of tidying and organising, and trust us, after you’ve mastered the Marie Kondo folding techniques you’ll never want to leave a pair of socks or a pile of crumpled T-shirts lying about again.

The folding techniques (which even have their own name – the ‘KonMari’ method) are based on storing and folding clothes vertically rather than horizontally, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it – you’ll never have to rumple a whole pile of T-shirts to reach that favourite Zoe Karssen tee that just happens to be right at the bottom, again. (Get more T-shirt-spiration from our favourite celebrity t-shirt tributes
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