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The best luxury scented candles to splurge on in the name of self-care

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  • From Diptyque to D.S & Durga, welcome to your ultimate guide to the best luxury candles money can buy

    “One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats,” wrote the novelist Iris Murdoch. And we can’t think of a littler treat with a bigger impact that one of the best luxury candles.

    Not only are they an instant mood booster, great luxury candles (be that a designer perfume candle or an aroma candle) are a transformative interiors accessory, too. Whether you want to add some ambience to your living room mantle, have a relaxing candlelit bath, or turn your house back into a relaxing sanctuary after a long day of using it as an office/school/children’s playground. (Oh the joys of Tier 4.)

    In fact, we think having a luxe candle in your arsenal is as essential as having one of the best eye creams in your skincare routine. (Yes, really.) Because although they might be deemed a luxury, these days we need all the self-care treats we can get.

    So we thought we’d go ahead and round up the best luxury candles money can buy – because let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a minefield out there. Whether you prefer the light fragrances of clean cotton, or the rich aromas of neroli and spices, we’ve got a divine-smelling candle for everyone. And, yes, if anyone asks, you  absolutely DO need another one.

    What to look for in a luxury scented candle

    best luxury scented candles to burn now

    When splurging on a designer candle, you want to know that it will last. Aside from this ingenious candle hack that will ensure you burn your new candle properly (and thus ensure it has a long lifespan), there are a number of things to take into account when shopping for a luxury candle that will go the distance.

    Wax: The three most common types of candle wax are paraffin, soy and tallow. Though a lot of candles are made with a combination of all three, luxury candles don’t tend to contain tallow – the beef industry byproduct common in budget picks.

    Paraffin is an ingredient widely present in candles, and although it’s less environmentally friendly than, say, beeswax or soy, it’s great for diffusing scent throughout a room. Where burn time is concerned, soy candles are almost unrivalled – so ensure to read the make up of a candle’s wax before making the splurge.

    Wicks: Wick count can intensify a candle’s scent – so if you’re a fragrance lover, try opting for a luxury candle with multiple wicks. Most wicks are made from braided cotton, but if you’re after a lovely, crackling sound (self-care ASMR, anyone?), look for a designer perfume candle or aroma candle with a wooden wick.

    With all that in mind, are you ready to shop some of our all-time favourite luxury candles? From cult-classics to coveted new releases, here are the designer candles you absolutely need in your home.

    Happy unwinding!

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