IKEA on Amazon Prime!? Let's discuss

Potentially life-changing

ikea on amazon
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Potentially life-changing

Going to IKEA is a rite of passage. First, there's that moment where you catch sight of that IKEA blue and that IKEA yellow. Then, there's the panic of whether you're going to find a parking space and that's just the beginning of it.

Once you're actually inside, you have to decide whether you want to be inspired in the showroom/distracted by the IKEA smart lights or if you want to do IKEA like a boss and head straight for the marketplace because you know exactly what you want and you even wrote down the aisle number and everything.

And, don't get me started on then figuring out if all your purchases even fit into your car. (And that's all before the wondrous emotional rollercoaster that is building flatpack or working on a DIY project.)

But, it seems that some may miss out on said experience because Amazon Prime are now selling IKEA stuff on their website.


So, items like the BILLY bookcase and the HOLMO floor lamp are on Amazon but it turns out that it's not actually so legit...

According to an IKEA spokesperson who was asked about this new partnership by House Beautiful: 'IKEA is not selling products on Amazon or any third party sites at this time. Any IKEA product on Amazon now is being sold by a reseller. IKEA has no relationship with them.'

But, this isn't all bad news as IKEA are planning on selling some products legitimately through other websites, such as Amazon, sometime next year.

Delphine Chui