The all-too-real emotional rollercoaster that is doing DIY

Flatpack: It isn't fun.

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Flatpack: It isn't fun.

There's a reason that flatpack building and general fixing stuff is an actual job that you can employ people to do for you - and it's because DIY projects can break even the strongest of us.

There's an excitement that comes from a home decor weekend where you decide that you will not be beaten by a house issue. Your tiles need grouting? Not an issue. Your doorframe needs polyfilla? Cool. You need a new wardrobe? Umm.

But no, you will not fork out a day's wage (or more) on someone to build it for you. You are independent, you are smart and you are a boss. The world of homeware is your oyster and you are totally fine. In fact, you are PUMPED.

And then the confusion hits in. What are these smiley weird shaped IKEA illustrated people trying to tell you exactly?

You read and re-read the instructions but you're still like...

You're trying to keep your cool but it's really hard when these words make literally no sense.

No. That screw does NOT fit in. It is not 'simple.' You need a break. No. Actually, you DESERVE a break.

And, it's OK because you're going to stay positive and they wouldn't sell it as flatpack if you couldn't build it yourself. It's common sense.

You've managed to complete half of it now and the world is good again.

But this second half (the bit you've been intentionally avoiding) makes 0 sense.

You decide to have a mini breakdown in the comfort of your own space...

Before calling for help because this job cannot be completed alone.

After many a try and some teamwork, your friend/partner/colleague/grandma/dog manage to come up with a solution and you're like...

And you start realising that wasn't that bad, after all.

Until you remember the first half of this whole interaction and you decide to never go near a homeware shop again.

(Until next time, because, you know, #interiorgoals)

Delphine Chui