5 ways to makeover your home in 5 minutes

Inspirational interiors at the drop of a hat

quick home makeover tips
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Inspirational interiors at the drop of a hat

Feeling like your home needs a bit of a refresh but don’t want to spend loads of time and money doing it? We hear you. The good news is that great interiors don’t have to be expensive and time-consuming – all you need are a few simple tricks. Here are five of our favourite tips to help you makeover your home…

Disguise those wires

Nothing makes a room look quite as messy as a load of tangled wires, but sorting them is easier said than done. So if you can’t beat them, disguise them. The simplest way to do this is by propping up a couple of pictures over the socket to hide them from sight.

Not got any framed pictures to hand? Grab a shoe box, cover it in your favourite wrapping paper and cut a few holes in the back. Then all you have to do is put your extension lead inside and feed through the wires for an ingenious way to keep them out of the way.

Add a little texture

home makeover tips

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It only takes a few small textural touches to add warmth to a room. Something as simple as draping a cosy blanket over the corner of your sofa or adding a few extra scatter cushions can instantly make a room feel finished.

For added interest, try and integrate tactile natural materials into your interiors, such as wood, wool and wicker. These don’t have to be expensive integral pieces – a wicker basket can double as a magazine rack, wooden pots make great plant containers and a simple sheepskin will add a cosy touch to any utilitarian chair.

Declutter those shelves

home makeover tips

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Over the years, it’s easy to collect a vast quantity of crap which falls under the dangerous category of ‘sentimental’. Clutter is the kryptonite of beautiful interiors, so it’s time to toughen up on what you keep. That mini Buddha statue from your gap year in Thailand? It can go.

Start by taking everything off yourselves and picking out the beautiful things you truly love. Now, put those few things back on the shelf, colour-coordinating them as you go to make them look more curated. Remember, it’s only a handful of the things which you really love that make it back on the shelf.

Stuck as to how to display them? Follow the rule of three,placing them together at different heights to have the most visual impact.Books and old magazine are a great way of creating different storage levels to achieve this.

Bring the outdoors in

home makeover tips

Source: Instagram.com // @interiorhints

For an easy win when it comes to adding a pop of colour and interest, Mother Nature really is your best friend. Plants are great for adding life to a room, whether that's as a main focal point or a smaller decorative element. One larger leafy tree, for example, can become a dramatic statement for an empty space, while an elegant orchid can add a sophisticated touch to a steamy bathroom.

Not exactly green fingered? Stick with succulents. These rubbery little plants hardly need any watering and require even less maintenance. Put terracotta potted ones in the middle of your table for an easy, trend-led interior touch.

Colour co-ordinate your books

home makeover tips

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It might sound simple, but you’ll be amazed at the visual impact sorting out a few old books will have. Start by organising them so that similar shades are together, then organise them so that there’s one colour per shelf. Alternate between having them in piles lying sideways and standing upright to make it more interesting on the eye, and finish by topping piles with your favourite items you want to display. Done and dusted in five minutes flat.

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