Women smell like onion, men smell like cheese…

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  • Women's armpits smell like onion and men's smell like cheese, apparently!

    Women’s armpits smell like onion and men’s whiff of cheese, according to a, slightly gross, new study.

    We apologise if you are eating as you read this, but German researchers have come to the conclusion that women give off an onion or grapefruit type smell, whilst men reek of pungent cheese when they sweat.

    The scientists, who carried out the research in the hope of developing a new deodorant, took samples from the armpits of 24 men and 25 women after they’d been in a sauna or working out on an exercise bike.

    It was found that the women gave off high amounts of an odourless sulphur-containing compound, the New Scientist reports.

    When it mixed with the bacteria found in armpits, it transformed into a chemical called thiol, well known for its onion-like stench.

    Men, on the other hand, had high levels of an odourless fatty acid, which released a cheesy smell when it mixed with the enzymes found in the armpit.

    Christian Starkenmann, who led the study, said: ‘Men smell of cheese, and women of grapefruit or onion.’

    And, would you believe it, the scientists found the smell from women’s armpits more unpleasant!

    However, not all scientists are convinced the experiment can be repeated outside of Switzerland as people in other countries have different diets and genes.

    Professor Tim Jacob who researchs the science of smell at Cardiff University, said: ‘Other factors include what you eat, what you wash with, what you wear and what genes you inherit.’  


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