The World’s First Bunny Spa Is Coming To The UK

We're hopping excited

A bunny
A bunny
(Image credit: REX FEATURES)

We're hopping excited

Cat cafes are so 2015. This year, it’s all about the bunny spa.

The Metro reports that beauty brand 7th Heaven Beauty is opening the world’s first bunny spa in London’s Covent Garden in March.

And yes, a bunny spa is everything you hope one would be – a traditional destination for human pampering that also features a cast of adorable rabbits.

This pop-up event runs from 12-14 March on Shelton Street. MARK YOUR DIARY.

And it gets even better – not only will butter-soft bunny rabbits hop around while the (much rougher) humans get groomed, all the treatments will be free.

Uh huh, free massages and facials in the immediate vicinity of many bunnies – it really does sound like some sort of dreamland.

Even more good news: while you’re there you can share a vegetable treat with your new bunny friends. The brand will provide healthy snacks and detox drinks to customers.

So where will all these bunnies come from? A herd of lop-eared Easter bunnies from Greenwich Rabbit Rescue will inhabit the spa for two days doing all their usual delightfully bunnyish things: hopping, nose-twitching, leg thumping, celery munching, bouncy-walking and being fluffy.

Some people love cats, some people love dogs but those people are probably unfamiliar with the particular charms of a bunny. If you’re uninitiated, now is your chance to unleash your inner bunny fan. You will have no regrets. Promise.

7th Heaven Beauty is a 30-year-old company that mixes natural and cruelty free ingredients to create its products. The company is Vegetarian Society approved and has been making facemasks for 30 years (it was formerly called Montagne Jeunesse, but they scrapped this name in 2015 because they realised no one knew how to pronounce it correctly).

The 7th Heaven Bunny Spa will open on Shelton March 12 - 14 from 10am.

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