Sushi served off naked girls at London restaurant

The traditional Nyotaimori experience comes at a cost

Sushi - News - Marie Claire
Sushi - News - Marie Claire
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The traditional Nyotaimori experience comes at a cost

Adventurous Londoners are now able to eat sushi off naked female models - but sampling the traditional Nyotaimori experience comes at a high cost. Nyotaimori - translated as 'female body presentation' - has been the preserve of the Japanese elite for generations, but now an enterprising British duo has introduced it to London.

Despite the credit crunch-defying price of £250 per head, founder Nigel Carlos, who started up the venture with Japanese-raised Nick Hepburn, said: ‘There's obviously high end Japanese restaurants out there, however there is no mainstream, or anybody doing it right or authentically in the UK. We saw an opportunity to bring this kind of traditional dining to London for adventurous London diners.’

The high price tag includes champagne on arrival, a 10-course authentic sushi dinner prepared by a genuine Japanese chef, all eaten off the female body, and unlimited alcohol.

Mr Carlos assured potential clients the experience would be a classy one: ‘It's nothing like a strip club or nothing along those lines, it's very smart, very discreet and in the best venues that you can think of (that you can hire out privately), the best drinks, everybody is looked after and it's pure luxury.’

To ensure privacy and exclusivity the experience is a clandestine one, where diners arrive at various locations around London, from a grand mansion to unoccupied warehouses. Once there, they join 12-24 other thrill-seekers around a table adorned with the Hadaka (naked) models.

Flash Sushi offers a limited number of places and only has one dinner sitting per month, until March 2010, when the organisers plan to bring it to a close.


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