New hay fever jab promises relief for millions

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  • A new vaccine has been developed to help with hay fever symptoms, and may even be able to cure them altogether.

    If you sneeze at the thought of a summers day, then a new hay fever vaccine could be the thing for you.

    Just four injections over three weeks can cut hay fever symptoms by half and reduce the need for eye drops and anti-histamine tablets.

    The Polliunex Quattro jab creates a strong immune reaction to cancel out the allergic reaction that takes place when a hay fever sufferer encounters pollen.

    Experts believe that taking a course of jabs every year for three years may even be enough to cure the condition permanently.

    ‘This is a short course that can be completed in just four injections before the pollen season, setting you up to improve your symptoms,’ says Tom Holdich, from Allergy Therapeutics who manufacture the treatment.

    ‘We saw that it works across the board – from Toronto to Texas and Newcastle to London.’

    The UK has one of the highest rates of hay fever in the world, with 15 million people allergic to tree and grass pollen. This number is set to rise to a staggering 32 million by 2030 as air pollution and temperatures continue to rise.

    The makers of the vaccine hope that the treatment will be on sale in the UK in just 12 months.

    If you suffer from hay fever there are several ways of minimising your symptoms, including avoiding grassy areas, keeping windows closed and drying your clothes inside.

    Scientists also believe that dairy products are good at relieving nasal symptoms, and vitamins C and D can also help to ease the condition.



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