These are the most stressed cities in the UK

We bet you saw this one coming

If that quick weekend getaway wasn’t enough to help you relax, then it might be time to make a more permanent move. A new study by has revealed the most stressed UK cities, taking into account things like unemployment, overtime and finances to paint a picture. Unsurprisingly, London topped the list.

The study looked at 16 different variables that affect our quality of life, encompassing five areas: the job market, finances, commutes, personal wellbeing and demographics. They drew on information from sources such as their own overtime survey, as well as CrimeRates and the Office for National Statistics to make their conclusions.

It turns out that London was by far the most stressed city in the UK, with people averaging a bleak 9.57 hours of overtime per week and some of the longest commute times. It’s already been ranked the worst city to raise your child and the third worst place to live in the UK, based on other figures such as its stupidly expensive house prices.

Birmingham came in at second with the second highest unemployment rate in the UK, combined with a hell of a lot of overtime. Dundee followed closely behind at fourth place, making it Scotland’s most strained city, with the second lowest credit eligibility score in the UK and fifth highest number of unemployment claimants.

most stressed cities in the uk

On the flip side, Doncaster was hailed as the most laidback city in the UK with robust job growth, super low levels of anxiety amongst its population and affordable living costs. Up north, York was the second least stressed city with a high employment, a widely happy population and great commute times to make rush hour a little more manageable.

Most stressed cities in the UK

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Ipswich
  4. Dundee
  5. Worthing
  6. Manchester
  7. Liverpool
  8. Newcastle Upon Tyne
  9. Luton
  10. Slough

most stressed cities in the uk

Most relaxed cities in the UK

  1. Doncaster
  2. York
  3. Oxford
  4. Milton Keynes
  5. Wigan
  6. Leicester
  7. Cardiff
  8. Swindon
  9. Reading
  10. Warrington

most stressed cities in the uk

The full list can be viewed here.

Joe Garinder,’s head of brand and communications, revealed, ‘Poor access to credit and financial troubles are a big contributor when it comes to stress. We hope this stress will help shine a light on the areas in which people can take control and reduce their stress levels.’

So, who’s got a spare room in Doncaster?

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