worst cities to raise your child

These are the worst cities to raise your child in the UK

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    While London may be one of the world’s most vibrant capitals, a new study has found that it’s actually the least ideal place in the UK to raise a family. The research, which was conducted by MoneySuperMarket, looked at 35 British towns and compared the number of Ofsted schools, parks, burglaries, job opportunities as well as average salaries and house prices to decide what were the worst cities to raise your child.

    Although London had the highest number of Ofsted schools and parks (78 and 1649 respectively), the insane property prices and higher rates of burglary didn’t help its case. Newry and Armagh’s lack of Ofsted schools and parks also earned them low rankings on the chart. The bottom ten contenders are all listed below.

    Worst cities to raise your child

    1. London
    2. Newry
    3. Armagh
    4. Leeds
    5. Bradford
    6. Sheffield
    7. Glasgow
    8. Kingston upon Hull
    9. Brighton and Hove
    10. Birmingham

    worst cities to raise your child

    On the flip side, the survey also found that Newcastle upon Tyne was the best place to settle down with a good balance of schools, parks, lower crime rates and more generous housing prices. Derby and Wolverhampton followed closely behind.

    Best cities to raise your child

    1. Newcastle upon Tyne
    2. Derby
    3. Wolverhampton
    4. Southampton
    5. Bath
    6. Nottingham
    7. Coventry
    8. York
    9. Oxford
    10. Stoke-on-Trent

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