Meet Misfit: The tech-savvy fashion accessory you’ll want to wear

Add this to your outfit, stat...

Misfit watches

Add this to your outfit, stat...

Wearables have lingered in the fashion lexicon for a while now. These futuristic little devices promise to track our exercise, sleep, nutrition and generally help us turn our bodies into temples (or thereabouts).

The problem is, once they run out of gas (you’re telling me I need to charge another device?) or clash with our outfit, we fall out of lust with them. Enter Misfit, a sleek and stylish wellness tracker that can be worn as a pendent, on your keychain or discreetly clipped onto your coat lapel, to work in harmony with your outfit.

Best of all, it doesn’t require charging, and instead runs on batteries that last about six months. As well as removing the faff associated with adding another device into your life, Misfit, quite brilliantly, removes the intrusion of your other devices. Hook this clever accessory up to your smart phone so that you can keep your phone out of sight and work more effectively, free from distraction, thanks to the vibration alerts for calls, text messages, reminders and alarms.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or a fledgling gym-goer, Misfit’s minimalistic tracker is a chic addition to wardrobe that can help motivate you towards being a healthier, more mindful you each day.

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