Thousands of people are buying this aloe vera toilet roll on Amazon right now

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  • Amazon Prime Day 2021 is well under way, and people are buying some pretty interesting things. We’re talking everything from Le Creuset pots to sex toys and gin.

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    There’s no denying it, they’re either planning the most questionable party ever, or they’re stocking up on the essentials in view of a potential fourth lockdown.

    Toilet roll deals – quick links:

    The dead giveaway is the thousands of loo rolls customers have been stocking up on today, perhaps they haven’t forgotten the big loo roll drought of 2020, aka when everyone lost their s**t and ransacked every supermarket in the country for bog roll and pasta.

    Seriously though, we’re keeping everything crossed for no more lockdowns, but we know a good deal when we see one, and saving on a such a staple is just common sense.

    There are plenty of deals about, but the big standout is the Andrex Aloe Vera 54 pack for just £16.79. That is a hefty 30% off. Now that is some serious ply for your butt. Plus it’s Aloe Vera, so you know it’ll be extra soft on your skin.

    Andrex Toilet Roll – Skin Kind Toilet Paper with Aloe Vera Extract, 54 Toilet Rolls – was £24, now £16.79

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    Amazon Brand – Presto! 4-Ply Quilted Toilet Tissues, 48 Rolls (4x 12 x 160 sheets): Pattern B – was £23.99 now £19.02

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    Not to lower the tone some more, but seeing as we’re on the subject of bathrooms, there are a couple of loo accessories that are proving popular amongst shoppers, including ‘the world’s best toilet plunger’ and a toilet brush.

    Luigi’s – The World’s Best Toilet Plunger: Big, Bad & Powerful – was £15.99, now £13.99
    ‘This weird plunger has a narrow end that you point down into the basin before you start pumping, so you the seal doesn’t matter for for 100% effectiveness. It’s purpose built to unclog your toilet, not like the traditional rubber cup on a stick.’

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    ASOBEAGE Deep Cleaner Silicone Toilet Brushes with No-Slip Long Plastic Handle and Flexible Bristles – was £10.99, now £6.34
    The brush never wears out and changes its shape, maintaining perfect cleaning. Soft brush fibers require a gentle touch, the lighter the touch, the better the cleaning results.

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    It’s good to see customers are taking hygiene seriously.

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